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Fifth AENEAS Training Workshop: Older passengers: It’s all about communication. How to address them? How to keep them?

Salzburg, Austria, 24 - 25 November 2010

Senior citizens commented on their experiences with public transport

During this two-day workshop, the participants discussed the do´s and dont's of communicating with older passengers. On the one hand participants looked at what public transport companies can do to improve their service for older citizens. On the other hand, experience was exchanged on methods to change the mobility behavior of older citizens and to make them adapt to an existing offer of sustainable transport products.

The first day included presentations from experts and practical experiences from several European cities. On the second day a panel of senior citizens from Salzburg told about their personal experiences with public transport. In continuation smaller groups discussed approaches for the training of bus drivers and the training of older passengers.

One of the conclusions from the workshop was that the AENEAS measures do not require large investments and can be easily transferred to other European cities. During the workshop the Salzburg toolboxes for bus drivers training and passenger training were launched. These toolboxes are expected to support practitioners in other cities to start their own training programmes. Draft implementation plans for Vienna, Warsaw, Ljubljana and Zagreb were already discussed during the workshop.

All training materials from the Salzburg workshop are now available for you to download:

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