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Bike Tour Gunda Krauss
Climate-friendly Mobility—Age is no Limit!

900 km from Munich to Rügen on a Tricycle at 70

Gunda Krauss on the road
Gunda Krauss on her tricycle

[Munich, August 2009] Gunda Krauss is putting Germany's environmentally friendly infrastructure to the test: The 70-year-old plans to bike from Munich all the way to the isle of Rügen this summer on her Pedelec-tricycle – despite irreparable hip problems! Gunda has set aside about 50 days for the trip of nearly 1000 kilometers. Her dachshund, Sauser, will keep her company in the bike's basket. The Munich environmental organization Green City e.V. is in charge of organizing and supporting Gunda's tour.

On Friday, August 21 at 12 a.m., Gunda will set off on her grand tour from the Marienplatz in Munich. Everyone is invited to come see her off – or even accompany her by bike on the first few kilometres!

Gunda's goal is to send a clear message to her peers and to people with physical impairments: we are mobile! There are alternative forms of mobility for everyone. The key is to make use of them and to make them known to the public so that people can stay or become physically fit and mobile. Moreover, Gunda is using her trip to advocate environmentally friendly and barrier-free infrastructure in Germany. „Even at my age, I want to make full use of my freedom of movement without burdening the environment“, says Gunda.

For many years, the adventurous gal was severely restricted in her movements due to irreparable hip problems. Ever since she first laid eyes on the Tricycle 'Easy Rider', however, which is supported by an electrical motor, she has made big plans. Thanks to her Tricycle, Gunda has rediscovered the joy of movement and hopes that many will follow her example of environmentally friendly mobility for all ages!

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