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About Donostia - San Sebastián

Donostia - San Sebastián
A view of Donostia - San Sebastian

San Sebastián is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe for its natural setting in a small bay, where the blue shades of the sea mix with the green tones of the surrounding hills.

The Spanish court chose it as a royal seaside resort in the second half of the nineteenth century and this led to the town development, its buildings and public areas acquiring higher architectonic quality, with a definite Parisian influence.

Situated in the north of the Iberian Peninsula, on the vertex of the Bay of Biscay (Gascony), less than twenty kilometres from the border with France, Donostia has a population of 184,000 within a metropolitan area of 400,000 people.

Its economy focuses on services, tourism and manufacturing industries located in the suburban areas.

The general transport situation in Donostia - San Sebastián

For about twenty years, the city has been enforcing a strong policy in favour of pedestrians, bicycles and public transport. Considering walking and cycling as serious modes of transport has led to the building of a non-motorised transport network for promoting this type of mobility around the city.

Likewise, the city has extended its network of bus lanes. The city records one of the higher bus riding rates, with around 150 trips per capita per year.

The city has established a Mobility Office. This city department is responsible for the planning and management of anything related to motorised and non-motorised mobility: pedestrians, cyclists, public transport, road network, traffic light systems, surface and underground car parks, etc.

Older people and mobility

There is an accessibility plan to adapt public roads and buildings. We are developing a public vertical transport system in order to improve pedestrian mobility between the flat areas of the city and the hilly suburbs where half of the population lives.

Our activities in AENEAS

Within this project, we are in charge of local coordination as well as of promoting the three target lines of action: promoting pedestrian mobility, older people and public transport, and improving road safety for older people. The following measures are implemented as part of the project:

    Walking has always been a very popular activity in Donostia-San Sebastián. Probably for that reason, this is the most successful measure carried out by the Municipality of Donostia-San Sebastián inside the AENEAS project. Fifteen workshops have been held at the moment with more than 60 people taking part in each activity. People up to 85 years old are participating in the excursions and the atmosphere is really enjoyable. Great technical support is given by people from Club Vasco de Camping, making the reperages and controlling times and slopes. In each excursion new persons join the activity, although there is a stable group of people attending almost all the program.

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    Five workshops have been organised in collaboration with DonostiaBus Company. At the beginning attendance was not limited and too much people joined the talks. As a result of that, we decided to restrict to 20 or 25 the number of persons. Documentation is prepared by people from DonostiaBus. In these documents, a report about lines and timetables is given in order to inform audience of what services are available. People up to 85 are attending these workshops and, normally, they are quite good customers of public transport. They usually know pretty well the information given by DonostiaBus and the evaluation about bus services uses to be good enough.

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Further information and contact

The city website

Andres Martinez

Maarten van Bemmelen

Tel: +34 971 613714

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