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Noticeable increase of public transport in Donostia- San Sebastián during the All Saints´ Day

People arriving to the cemetery church by public transport - many of them older passengers

[November 2010] All Saints´ Day is celebrated on 1 November and therefore, is a national holiday in catholic countries. Although this day has always had a large tradition in the Basque Country, as the time goes by it is losing its significance due to the lack of interest of young people about it.

Most of the people who celebrate this day in Donostia- San Sebastián usually go to Polloe Cemetery and bring flowers to the graves of dead relatives.
This cemetery is located in a high part of the city, specifically in Egia neighborhood.

Usually there is no place for parking in this area, so this day becomes almost impossible to park even in the surrounding area. In fact, the local police must close this area to traffic. Furthermore, this year the previous day to All Saints´ Day was Sunday, so quite a lot of people took advantage of it and went to the cemetery this day.

Taking all this into account, Dbus company (the public transport bus company of the city) increased considerably its service. The company doubled the timetables of those buses lines going to the cemetery from 10:00 to 14:00. All of them had a large number of users, having altogether 10.000 users during these two days. Older people were with no doubt those who used most these buses lines because they are in fact the ones who keep up this tradition.

Therefore, Dbus company, as well as the Municipality of the city, continues working in order to improve the mobility in Donostia- San Sebastián, making it easier particularly for older people.

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