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Printed products

Electronic products

  • The AENEAS Implementation Report (144 pages, 900 Kbyte PDF) provides information on planning, implementation, evaluation and transferability of the 15 local AENEAS soft measures in mobility targeting older people.

  • The AENEAS project in pictures (43 slides, 4.7-Mbyte PPT presentation)

  • On the bus with Granny (12 pages, 1.3-Mbyte PDF)
    Children and young people pay sometimes little attention to the needs of older co-travelers. This new brochure was produced and used as part of a school project in Salzburg, Austria to improve the understanding between the generations. Also available in German.



  • Toolkit for bus driver training
        Manual for bus driver training (58-page, 1.2-Mbyte PDF)
       PowerPoint presentation (41 slides, 23-MByte, with videos)
       You can use this as the basis in your training seminars.
       Handout (1-page, 47-Kbyte PDF)
       You can print out this page as an example text for slide 16 of the PowerPoint presentation.

  • Toolkit for public transport passenger training
        Manual for passenger training (66-page, 1-Mbyte PDF)
         A handbook with information and practical examples to organise a training programme.

  • AENEAS Stakeholder Involvement Handbook (25-page, 1-Mbyte PDF)
    The AENEAS Stakeholder Involvement Handbook is intended to encourage organisations which are not familiar with stakeholder involvement to try out some of the tools and techniques in their own projects.

  • Training Workshop Guidance (30-page, 1-Mbyte PDF)
    This document explains the methodology of the AENEAS training workshops and the
    registration procedure. It supports the AENEAS partners that are preparing the workshops and provides background information for those who are interested in participating.

Non-English AENEAS city products


  • Der Mobilitätswegweiser (43-Seiten, 7-Mbyte PDF)
    In dieser Broschüre stellen wir Ihnen die vielen Möglichkeiten vor, die Ihnen München bietet, um sicher und bequem mobil zu sein.


  • Krakowski Transport bez Tajemnic (44 pages, 7-Mbyte PDF)
    Korzystając z doświadczeń miasta Salzburg z Austrii opracowana została broszura informacyjna dla seniorów pt.: „Krakowski Transport bez Tajemnic". Broszura mająca służyć krakowskim seniorom zawiera kompleksowe informacje na temat krakowskiego systemu transportowego w kontekście potrzeb osób starszych, a także szereg praktycznych porad i podpowiedzi dla seniorów korzystających z transportu zbiorowego w Krakowie.


  • Fahrertraining
        Handbuch (58-pages, 1.2-Mbyte PDF)
         Hier finden Sie Informationen und Beispiele für einen Schulungsablauf sowie Basiswissen über die Bedürfnisse älterer Fahrgäste
        Powerpointpräsentation(23-Mbyte PowerPoint, 41 slides, inkl. Videos)
         Die vorliegende Präsentation enthält Videosequenzen und kann als Grundlage für die Fahrerschulung verwendet werden
       Kopiervorlage (1 Seite, 50-Kbyte PDF)
         Textbeispiele zu Folie 16.
       ▪ DVD: Fahrerschulung in Salzburg.

  • Sicher mit dem Bus unterwegs: Fahrgast-Training für Senioren in der Praxis (66-page, 1-Mbyte PDF)
    Das vorliegende Handbuch dokumentiert den Trainingsablauf des Salzburger Fahrgastrainings und enthält grundlegende Informationen sowie Basiswissen, für die Durchführung eines Trainings in anderen Städten.
       ▪ DVD: Bussicherheitstraining für SeniorInnen in Salzburg

  • Mit Oma im Obus (12 Seiten, 1.3-Mbyte PDF)
    Kinder und Jugendliche nehmen im Bus manchmal wenig Rücksicht auf die Bedürfnisse von älteren Fahrgästen. Eine neue Broschüre, die im Rahmen eines Schulprojektes in Salzburg verteilt wird, fördert das Verständnis zwischen den Generationen.

Training workshop and conference materials

AENEAS Final Conference: Green Mobility for Active Ageing (Brussels, April 2011)

The AENEAS Final Conference has attracted more than 100 participants, signaling the fact that topic of ageing is getting ever higher on the political agenda, especially with 2012 being designated as the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations. You can download the keynote presentation here and can access photos and other presentations at the conference web page.


Older passengers: It’s all about communication. How to address them? How to keep them? (Salzburg, November 2010)

The series of AENEAS training workshops were concluded by this one in Salzburg, on 24-25 November, 2010. It had one day for plenary presentations and one day for workshops. The event was preceded by a study visit in town. From the conference page you can download:


Cycling and Health in an Ageing Society (Odense, June 2010)

The fourth AENEAS training workshop was held in Odense, Denmark, on 9-10 June, 2010. You can now download all the training materials of the workshop from here:

Marketing for multimodal mobility in an ageing society (Munich, March 2010)

The third AENEAS training workshop took place in Munich, Germany, on 4-5 March, 2010. All training documents are now accessible for you to download:


Walking and Traffic Safety in an Ageing Society (San Sebastián, October 2009)

The second AENEAS training workshop focused on walking and traffic safety and was organised in the city of Donostia-San Sebastián (Spain).

Understanding mobility of older people (Krakow, June 2009)

The first AENEAS training workshop took place in Krakow (Poland) in June 2009 and covered basic issues relating to understanding the mobility of older people.

AENEAS kick-off conference on the opportunities for changing and managing mobility in an ageing society (Salzburg, 15-16 September, 2008)

At the two day-conference participants discussed the needs of older people, the advantages of orienting towards this target group, the concepts for multi-modal mobility and the promotion of energy-efficient ways of mobility.

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