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Get on, get off, get around!

Congress on the opportunities for changing and managing mobility in an ageing society

Conference flyer

On 15 and 16 September 2008 the AENEAS project started its activities with the organisation of this very successful event. Over the course of two days participants discussed issues such as:

  • What do older passengers need?

  • How can target-group orientation produce a win-win situation?

  • Which concepts foster multi-modal mobility?

  • How is energy-efficient mobility encouraged?

The event was organised by the AENEAS partners ZGB and Salzburg AG. This page will offer you the full conference programme (280-Kbyte PDF) and you can download all presentations as well as pictures from the event. You are also encouraged to visit the conference page at ZGB (in German), which also includes the conference reports and more pictures.

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Day 1.
Welcome Dr. Wilfried Haslauer – Vice Governor
Dr. Arno Gasteiger – Speaker for the board of Salzburg AG
Dr. Peter Erhart (HR Prim. i.R.) – ZGB Chairperson
Dir. Gunter Mackinger – StadtBus, Salzburg
Introduction Siegfried Rupprecht, Rupprecht-Consult, Cologne (D)
The physiological changes, needs and dangers of ageing (in German ) Dr. Christa Erhart – Scientific Director, ZGB, Salzburg (A)
Local Bus Services and Travel Concessions – the Experiences and Views of Older People – an Urban Case Study in the UK Dr. Alan Burnett, Help the aged, London (UK)
Target group orientation vs. profit maximisation – approaches for transport businesses and associations (in German) Gerd Probst (Dipl. Vwt.) – Probst & Consorten,
Marketing Consultancy, Dresden, (D)
Day 2.
Presentation of the AENEAS project (in German) Matthias Fiedler (Dipl-Geogr.)
Living without barriers is much more than low floors
- A checklist for public and private sector people transporters
(in German)
Susanne Schinagl – General Manager ZGB, Salzburg, (A)
At the right time – Managing the choice of means of transportation in a biographical context (in German) Univ. Prof. Dr. Joachim Scheiner – University of Dortmund, (D)
Mobility of Senior Citizens in EC and in Poland – experiences and results from SIZE project Dr. Ing. Lidia Zakowska, Cracow University of Technology, Cracow, (PL)
Where do we go from here? – The future of public transport 2020+ (in German) Horst Schauerte (Dkfm.) – ึBB-Holding AG, Vienna, (A)
From behind the wheel to a seat on the bus: Persuading older people to use public transport Ann Frye – UK Mobility Consultant, (UK)
CSR Corporate Social Responsibilities - Public relations for and with senior citizens (in German) Angelika Gasteiner – StadtBus, Salzburg, (A)


Side events

  • An evening at Hohensalzburg Castle

  • The 3rd Annual Salzburg Mobility Day for senior citizens and people with restricted mobility - for more information (in German) visit the website of ZGB

Pictures from the


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