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Helping older people is our old tradition!
New awareness raising campaign for Krakow citizens

“To help older people is Krakow’s old tradition!”
“Tails. I have won!!! I will give my place to the older lady.”

[May 2010] Kraków would like to widely promote the appropriate behaviors towards older people in public transport. Therefore a campaign was started, which is targeted primarily towards the young generation.

The first step of the awareness raising campaign took place in December 2009, with a series of meetings in schools. Then, on 19th May 2010 Krakow has launched the outdoor stage of the campaign. The famous graphic artist, Mr. Andrzej Mleczko was requested to design the graphics of the campaign. Mr. Mleczko is very popular in Krakow and famous all over Poland. Mr. Mleczko made two posters aiming to raise the awareness about the needs of older people and problems that seniors may face when traveling by tramway or bus. The posters are to encourage all public transport passengers, especially the younger ones, to help older people in their travels, particularly to give one’s place to them.

The posters appeared in the center of Krakow, on the bill-posts located near the public transport stops, near schools (around 100 places), in the local and municipal media, in Bus TV, and on the municipal website. The posters will be soon disseminated in all Krakow’s primary and junior high schools.

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