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First AENEAS Training in Krakow for Older People: How to Use Public Transport in a Safe and Easy Way

A presentation at the workshop
A workshop presentation

[Krakow, September 2009] On 29th of September began the series of trainings that were planned and organised specifically for Krakow’s seniours. The training was implemented within the AENEAS project and focused entirely on public transport. During two hours of the training older people were taught how to use the on-board ticket machines that are installed in most of Krakow’s trams and buses and how to make use of the so called KKMs, i.e. the ticket vending machines, which are located in the vicinity of the public transport stops.

For obvious reasons seniors still face quite a big problem when it comes to buy the ticket in one of these relatively new ticket machines. After this training at least 50 of them should not have this problem any more. Being aware of difficulties of reduced fitness when using public transport by older people, part of the training was also dedicated to the issue of safety and security in everyday mobility. Last but not least, seniors could also learn many interesting things about the equipment and new solutions applied in the new, low floor trams, such as the voice and visual stops announcement, ticket punchers or the mechanism of safe door closing. Participants were divided into small groups so that each senior of them could put theory into practice and buy the tickets on their own. The programme was concluded with refreshments.

The training was organised by the Association “Senior up to time”, as well as by the employees of MPK, Krakow’s public transport operator. Four other trainings will be conducted within next few weeks in the same manner. Totally, around 250 seniors will benefit from the AENEAS trainings.

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