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Kraków - AENEAS Measure #3
Trainings for older people

A workshop for older people
Practical training at a ticket vending machine
Practical training in a tram


During the last couple of years vending machines as well as on-board ticket machines were introduced in Kraków. They are becoming more and more popular among citizens. The only group of people that is still not very familiar with the new equipment is the group of seniors. They are afraid of new technologies and it is difficult for them to overcome fear and start using ticketing machines. Very often it is an issue of the first time. People are not able to use machines because nobody showed them how to use them.

What we have done

The main idea of the third measure is to make older people aware about the advantages of energy-efficient travels. On this occasion, various events were organized within the last year European Mobility Week with the special thought of older people. During one day older citizens of Kraków could benefit from payment free medical examination, make themselves familiar with the functioning of the Bicycle Renting System BIKEONE - Kraków, participate in the bicycle rally, subscribe to the mobility workshops organized for older people or listen to advises of the National Board for the Safety of the Road Traffic.

What is more, the citizens of Kraków could also take part in the Mobility Forum, which was the opportunity to make oneself familiar with the AENEAS project, to discuss about Kraków’ s measures in the project and about all problems that older people are faced with in Kraków. The Vice-Mayor of Kraków, Prof. Wiesław Starowicz took also part in the discussion.

At the moment, all the works connected with the information brochure for seniors (“The Transport System in Krakow without secrets”) are being finalized. The brochure will be printed in 10 000 copies and it will include all necessary information about Krakow’s transport system in the context of older people.

Trainings for older people: "Because there are machines instead of people!"

On 29th of September the series of trainings began that were planned and organised specifically for Kraków’s seniors. During the two hour training older people could:

  • become acquainted with the rules of safety obligatory when using public transport (this part was organized in a tram),

  • learn how to operate the on-board ticket machines and try to buy a ticket on their own,

  • to get to know the functioning system of the automatic machine of Kraków’s Municipal Card.

After these trainings at least 250 older people should have no problem when it comes to buy the ticket in one of these relatively new ticket machines. Being aware of difficulties of reduced fitness when using public transport by older people, part of the training was also dedicated to the issue of safety and security in everyday mobility. Last but not least, seniors could also learn many interesting things about the equipment and new solutions applied in the new, low floor trams, such as the voice and visual stops announcement, ticket punchers or the mechanism of safe door closing. Participants were divided into small groups so that each senior of them could put theory into practice and buy the tickets on their own. The programme was concluded with refreshments.
The trainings were organised by the Association “Senior up to time” (NGO), MPK (public transport operator) and the Municipality of Kraków.

Participating seniors have been asked to fill in a questionnaire in order to evaluate the training sessions. Among the results, the most interesting are:

  • Women comprised 70% of the trainees

  • Public transport in Krakow received high marks (4.3 on average out of 5) while car travel ranked considerably worse (2.2 on average)

  • Precisely half of the trainees have a driving license, of which two-thirds own a car. The trainings were assessed in three aspects (scale 0-5): Organization – 4.92, understanding – 4.86 , usefulness – 4.81.

Lessons learnt

  • The appreciation of the workshop contained in the questionnaires, and many spontaneous reactions during the course confirms the need to organize this type of practical training in the future.

  • Seniors were happy with the way the trainings were conducted, tailored to their perceptive abilities. From their point of view it was very important: slow and patient presentation by trainers, repeating when needed and clarifying any doubts.

  • Seniors expressed satisfaction at the fact that in groups there were only older people so they do not feel pressure from the younger ones, which usually appears in groups of mixed age.

  • The idea of organizing a workshop just for this age group has gained gratitude and approval of the participants, because older people are disproportionately affected by the effects of technological exclusion.

  • Considering the aging of the population of Kraków and the fact (from surveys) that older people are frequent users of public transport such trainings should be planned and organized to adapt to the needs of urban transport and requirements of elderly people.

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