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New Assistance Service for Older Passengers in Krakow

Assistants ready to help senior passengers in Kraków

[May 2010] In order to increase the attractiveness of public transport for older people and to enable them to travel independently, Krakow has started another AENEAS measure this month.

The measure has started officially on 4 May. Nine young people, called “assistants” have started their new job on two public transport integrated (bus+tram) stops in the city centre. Stops are located near one of the biggest marketplaces in Krakow, where older passengers are travelling a lot. Assistants are available from 9:00 till 12:00, everyday from Monday to Friday.

At the same time there are four assistants (two per each direction) and they offer help to senior passengers with getting on and off the vehicles, with purchase of the tickets or providing them with the necessary information (e.g. appropriate bus/tram lines, changes in the transport systems, timetables, etc.). In order to be properly recognized, they are wearing red jackets or T-shirts with AENEAS logos. They also have special ID-cards easily visible.

The City of Krakow has also launched a campaign promoting this new service. Many radio and TV-interviews has been carried out. As there are some opponents of this measure, a live radio debate in public radio station has been organized, where AENEAS team explained all the reasons and context of the measure.

The Krakow public TV has also made a short material about the new service for seniors.
You can see it on-line.

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