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The European Mobility Week in Kraków

AENEAS day at the mobility week
AENEAS day at the European Mobility Week in Kraków

[Krakow, September 2009] Krakow strongly supports the idea of the European Mobility Week. For this reason it was also celebrated this year. One day of the whole week, i.e. the 18th of September, the “AENEAS Day”, was entirely focused on Krakow’s senior citizens. They were invited to benefit from the free medical examination (blood pressure, the level of glucose and cholesterol, EKG, bone density, hearing).

Beside this there was also a bicycle tour organized specially for older people. A group of interested seniors came with their own bicycles. For those who did not have them, bicycles from the Municipal Bike Renting System BikeOne were prepared thanks to the courtesy of the system’s operator. All seniors, equipped with the special reflective waistcoat, took part in the ride around the city center and along the Vistula River. The aim of this tour was to make seniors aware of the bicycle infrastructure conditions in Kraków and to show them that cycling in Krakow can be easy and nice.

In the afternoon, the Mobility Forum has been organized. The subject of the meeting was the “Mobility of older people”. Several people came to discuss about current problems of older people in public transport in Krakow. Wiesław Starowicz, the Deputy Mayor of Krakow was present on the meeting together with the directors of the Road Administration Board and larger public transport operator MPK. The older people had unique opportunity to directly ask the representatives of those institutions and politicians about transport issues in Krakow. There were also some questions and suggestions about the implementation of the AENEAS measures.

During the “Aeneas Day” people could also get some information about the Aeneas project and about the “Mobility workshops for seniors” organized in Krakow. The representatives of the Association “Senior na czasie” (in a free translation “senior up to date”), which is responsible for running these workshops, were recruiting potential workshop participants. Up to 300 people came to the Little Market Square to take part in organized events.

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