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The AENEAS project team recommends the following websites:

  • A website on a laptop...
    This page collects websites that have content relating to older people's mobility.

    European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations
    The official website of the European Commission invites input of all interested stakeholders and links to all relevant resources of this topic.

  • GOAL - Growing Older – Staying Mobile
    The aim of the GOAL project is to provide an action plan for innovative solutions to fulfill the transport needs of an ageing society.

  • Q-AGEING project
    Quality Ageing in an Urban Environment. The project focuses on creating better local conditions to enable active ageing. Main focus: public services and urban living environment.

  • CIVITAS - Cleaner and better transport in cities
    A European research project and city network focusing on sustainable urban mobility for travelers of all ages.

  • SaMERU - Safer Mobility for Elderly Road Users
    This project finished in 2013 and the final reports are available for download.

  • UNEP Share the Road
    Share the Road promotes policies in government and donor agencies for systematic investments in walking and cycling road infrastructure, linked with public transport systems.

  • ISEMOA - Improving seamless energy-efficient mobility chains for all
    ISEMOA is developing standardised Quality Management schemes to support municipalities, cities and regions in their efforts to improve the accessibility of public spaces and public transport.

  • OASIS - Quality of life for the elderly
    OASIS is an integrated project with the scope to revolutionise the interoperability, quality, breadth and usability of services for all daily activities of older people.

  • Home Insulation Guide for The Elderly
    This practical websites helps to improve living conditions and at the same time save money!

  • MESsAGE project
    The objective of the MESsAGE-project is to contribute to the prolonging of the autonomy of mobility for the elderly.

  • ELTIS - European Local Transport Information Service
    ELTIS is Europe's number one web portal on urban transport and mobility

  • SIZE project
    Life quality of senior citizens in relation to mobility conditions

  • SilverLife Institute
    The Institute is a place for reflection, as well as for confrontation, about questions posed to society and to the individual by ageing.

  • SMILING project
    The SMILING project aims to diminish age related impairments through the development of a wearable non-invasive computer-controlled system to prevent and counteract falling.

  •  Inclusive Design for Getting Outdoors
    A summary of the main research findings to date on older people's access outdoors.

  • Boosting Advanced Public Transport Systems (BAPTS)
    The mission of BAPTS is to implement an integrated package of high-quality public transport systems and services as model solutions for clean, efficient, accessible and sustainable mobility in North West Europe.

  • SHARE project
    Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe

  • PTAccess project
    Public Transport Systems' Accessibility for People with Disabilities in Europe

  • Euro Access project
    Accessibility of Public Transport for People with Disabilities in Europe

  • SPARC network and KT-EQUAL
    SPARC and KT-EQUAL are working to bring together researchers, practitioners and policy makers with an interest in the wellbeing of older people through communicating the latest ageing-related research.

    The mission of NICHES+ is to promote innovative measures for making urban transport more efficient and sustainable and to move them from their current "niche" position into a mainstream urban transport application.

  • Access-2-all
    Mobility Schemes Ensuring Accessibility of Public Transport for All Users.

  • ICMA Improving Connectivity and Mobility Access.
    This project represents the first transnational platform for sharing and transferring innovative and sustainable approaches to meet the challenge of providing attractive and effective alternatives to using the private car for the ‘first and last miles’ of journeys.

    Mediate (Methodology for describing the accessibility of transport in Europe) aims to establish a common European methodology for measuring accessibility to public transport.

Projects involved with older people's mobility in Germany:

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