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Munich - AENEAS Measure #1
Individualized marketing of sustainable transport modes for older citizens

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I want to stay mobile. But how?
I want to stay mobile. But how?
Photo collage from the mobility guidebook for older citizens in Munich, pointing the way to numerous sustainable transport options.
Ordering more information material and registering for training courses


Munich offers a wide range of attractive destinations and events. Whoever wants to make use of all these opportunities is on the way a lot. However the journey is the reward and there are many different options to be mobile in a safe and comfortable way. Starting with one of the best public transport systems of the world, hundreds of kilometres of cycling paths and also good walking conditions it is easy to get around without a private car.

This is not only good for the environment but also for the personal health. Especially older people should do some physical exercise – even if it is only the stroll to the bus stop. In addition ageing goes hand in hand with a reduction of certain abilities, like hearing for example. The impact on the daily mobility is obvious.

However people tend to stick to their habits and routines, partly due to ignorance of alternative options. This might result in the use of the car though other transport modes could be more comfortable, safer, cheaper, healthier or faster or in the deprivation of cycling although new bikes which are more appropriate for older people (e.g. tricycles) are available for a couple of years already.

Mobility guidance for sustainable transport options among older people

In January 2010 the Mayor of Munich has sent a Mobility Guidebook to 10.000 households in the age range from 60 to 75. The Guidebook contains a comprehensive overview of sustainable mobility options in the city of Munich, as well as arguments for a smarter use of the private car. For each of the mobility options targeted information for older users is provided, including ticketing, training courses and information services as well as useful telephone numbers and web-links.

By sending in a reply card the recipients can order further free information material, including maps and information about special tickets. The reply card also provides the possibility to express interest in one of the presented training courses. In this case, the older citizens receive a personal telephone call to provide more detailed information and register for the course. More than 20% of the households expressed interest and ordered more information material or registered for one of the courses.

The idea behind the project is to act as a broker or a middleman between the different service providers on the one hand – who often have difficulties to reach the target group – and the demand side on the other hand. All the information from dozens of partners is bundled and presented to the target group in a clear and well arranged form.

Lessons learnt

Most reactions on the brochure were positive: people stated for example that although they live already for many, many years in Munich, the brochure inspired them and gave them new ideas. Another interesting phenomena was the so-called snow-ball effect. After the mailing we got many Emails from people, who were not in the pilot project sample and who saw it at a friends' place, asking us then for such a brochure.

Many people were interested in the different training courses, for example on road safety, described in the Guidebook – far more than expected. All these training courses existed already before the project, however the experience showed that people were not aware about them.

Crucial for the success of the project is certainly to have good sustainable transport conditions in the city and to integrate many partners offering trainings etc.

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