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Munich - AENEAS Measure #2
Travel information, electronic devices and energy-efficient transport

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Training participants get lots of useful information, develop practical skills, and also have fun!
Participants were very positive about the trainings, which was also taken up by the local media


There is a large amount of information about being and staying mobile. But often, much of this information is only be accessible through modern  technologies like the internet and mobile phones. This is especially the case when you are searching for more specialised information, such as sustainable mobility.

Our experience is that a lot of older citizens who have an active lifestyle are not familiar with these technologies and have problems to operate a ticketing machine or plan their trips through the internet.

Over 300 participants were trained in internet use for sustainable transport planning

In this context, the main goal of our courses was to enable older passengers to use the internet to get information about mobility services or even buy tickets, make train reservations and use car sharing.

The groups were rather small - around 12 persons - and participants were allowed to use individual computers, so the working sessions were very efficient. Each course was divided into five sessions of two hours each, amounting to ten hours in total.

The course included lessons about a CO2 calculator of different transport modes, links for interesting mobility web pages in Munich, travel information via mobile phone, route planning with Google Earth, a virtual ticketing machine exercise and renting a public bike and car. All lessons where combined with exercises either in the course or at home.

Lessons learnt

A key condition for implementation was an already existing and well-known IT training centre for older people, namely the Mediencenter 50plus in Munich. Also teaching senior citizens needs special skills because the information has to be organised in small, easy-to-recognize and remember chapters.

Green City, a Munich-based environmental organisation was in charge of organising the internet courses. It supported the courses by providing trainers in energy-efficient mobility. Green City further also supported the courses by enhancing their publicity.

The internet courses were very popular among the participants. The average age was 67 years. 78% of the participants were women and 22% men. The majority hardly used the internet to plan their trips before but will use it more often after experienced in this technique now.

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