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Funchal launches new dial and ride bus service for older passengers

[November 2011] The new service covers an area where standard public transport buses cannot reach because of the narrow streets. Most people in the area are retired, and the new service contributes to keeping them physically active. more >>

Wroclaw teaches its senior citizens to use ticket machines (Poland)

[July 2011] The public transportation company of Wroclaw (MPK) has arranged workshops for older users of the city’s trams and buses. The objective is to encourage them to use ticket machines in vehicles and on the streets. The first course took place on the 4th of July and subsequent ones will be organised during the holidays and in autumn. Workshops are taking place on a special MPK bus, made available at a specific location. read article on Eltis >>

The final AENEAS newsletter is now available. Special section about on-line resources.

Keep Moving![June 2011] All good things must come to an end, and May 2011 has brought AENEAS – and the AENEAS newsletter – to a close as well. The good news, of course, is that this pioneering effort has proved a resounding success. Some clear evidence of this success is the fact that the final AENEAS conference in Brussels on April 8 resulted in a packed house.  read newsletter>>

AENEAS Final Conference: conference report now available

AENEAS Final Conference[April 2011] The final AENEAS conference on 8 April in Brussels reviewed the challenges of demographic change, illustrated how the proposed activities fit into advanced urban mobility policies, and demonstrated how other cities can apply the innovative measures developed and piloted by the five AENEAS cities. Participants included high-level policy makers and opinion leaders from all across Europe. More>>

Staying Mobile: A guide to mobility management in ageing societies

Staying mobile[March 2011] The AENEAS project has released its latest (and last) print publication, which provides the reader with the state-of-the-art about energy-efficient mobility in ageing societies. It is an in-depth review of innovative case studies from across Europe to encourage the use of public transport and cycling. It covers mobility campaigns, bus driver training programmes, passenger support services in public transport, individualised travel marketing as well as peer-to-peer approaches in public transport.
Download in English, Spanish and Polish and summaries in 6 languages >>

Walking for health in Donostia - San Sebastián

Walking tour in Donostia - San Sebastian[February 2011] Walking has always been a very popular activity in Donostia - San Sebastián. A recent study made by Donostia Kirola (a city department which runs the local sports centres) shows that walking is the favourite form of sports for 35% of people. Building on this ground the local association Bihotz Bizi (Living Heart) organises walking tours for older people to promote good health and social interaction. More>>

Fifth AENEAS training workshop about communicating with older people - conference materials now available

The plenary session[January 2011] During this two-day workshop, the participants discussed the do´s and dont's of communicating with older passengers. On the one hand participants looked at what public transport companies can do to improve their service for older citizens. On the other hand, experience was exchanged on methods to change the mobility behavior of older citizens and to make them adapt to an existing offer of sustainable transport products. All the conference materials are now available! more>>

Donostia - San Sebastián accedes to the Global Network of Age-Friendly Cities and launches project consortium of Spanish cities

The conference in Donostia-San Sebastián[December 2010] Last year the AENEAS city Donostia-San Sebastián (Spain) has hosted an international conference dedicated to the issue of ageing societies. The conference marked two special events: the city was admitted to the Global Network of Age-Friendly Cities and at the same time launched a collaboration with a number of other Spanish cities to work out solutions for mobility problems arising from society growing old. More>>

Noticeable increase of public transport in Donostia- San Sebastián during the All Saints´ Day

[November 2010] Most of the people who celebrate All Saints' Day day in Donostia- San Sebastián usually go to Polloe Cemetery, which  is located in a high part of the city, specifically in Egia neighborhood. Usually there is no place for parking in this area, so this day becomes almost impossible to park even in the surrounding area. In fact, the local police must close this area to traffic. In response to the great need for alternatives, the local public transport provider has doubled its bus frequency - with huge success, especially among older passengers. More>>

Austrian federal prize awarded to AENEAS partners

The Award Winners[September 2010] StadtBus Salzburg and ZGB are very proud of the recent award which has been handed over on the 18th of September 2010 by D.I. Schwab, the president of the “Österreichischer Verein für FußgängerInnen” (Austrian Association for Pedestrians).

This federal prize was awarded to the Salzburg AENEAS Team for the Mobility Day as the most valuable project for senior citizens in the field of multi-intermodal interface. Different criteria as sustainability, improvements of safety, aspects of well-being, environmental aspects have been assessed. The jury notified the outstanding way to meet the needs of the target group regarding the demographic changes.

More information on mobility management activities, including the mobility day >>

Radio talk show about older people’s mobility in Donostia- San Sebastián (Spain)

Radio Talk Show[September 2010] This September a talk show was held about mobility in Cadena SER- Radio San Sebastián. This is a radio station with the largest audience in the city. The talk show was one of the city council’s programmes during the European Mobility Week.
More >>

Traffic teaching made entertaining

Traffic teaching[September 2010] In the late summer of 2010 the City of Odense arranged for its elderly citizens guided safety tours, the topic of the tour being walking safety in general and for senior members of the community in specific. On five guided tours in Odense a retired police officer re-educated our senior citizens about the rules of safety as a pedestrian.
More >>

Study Tour Catalogue: A trip through Europe about mobility management in ageing societies

Study Tour Catalogue[August 2010] The 54-page booklet takes the reader on a trip across Europe to witness innovative "soft" measures that improve the mobility of older people by encouraging sustainable choices. Each stop on the tour represents a real measure or activity undertaken in a city. The cases were pulled from a pool of more than 130 good-practice examples identified by the AENEAS project.
Download PDF (2.6-Mbytes) >>

Transport in Kraków without mysteries: new brochure is now available

Kraków Brochure[July 2010] The brochure “Transport in Kraków without mysteries” (in Polish: Krakowski Transport bez Tajemnic) has been published as one of Kraków’s measures in the AENEAS project. The brochure serves seniors in Kraków by providing comprehensive information on Kraków's transport system in the context of the needs of older generation. More >>

AENEAS training workshop on cycling and health in an ageing society: presentations and workshop report now available

Study Visit[June 2010] Active travel, and particularly cycling, can contribute to better health and increase of life expectancy. These facts are well known and have been promoted by different scientific studies and European funded mobility projects, such as Lifecycle, Active Access or Vianova. But what about older people? Is it not too dangerous for them to cycle, and do the positive impacts of cycling apply also at this stage of life?

The fourth AENEAS workshop looked into these issues. You can now access the workshop report and all the presentations from the event. Download presentations >>

New seats for older passengers in Krakow’s buses

The new seats[June 2010] In the second half of June 2010 another AENEAS measure was launched in Krakow. About 50 seats were marked with a special pictogram symbolizing the older person in the buses of the local public transport provider, Mobilis. In one bus 1-4 seats were converted. Read article >>

Older people's mobility: special coverage in European video

[June 2010] Since the start of the AENEAS project the topic of older people's mobility is getting higher and higher on the political agenda. As part of this process, AENEAS training workshops are now featured in the European Commission's new video, made on the occasion of the European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion. The section on older people's mobility starts at minute 19:53. Watch video >>

Helping older people is our old tradition!
New awareness raising campaign for Krakow citizens

Helping older people is our old tradition!

[May 2010] Kraków would like to widely promote the appropriate behaviors towards older people in public transport. Therefore a campaign was started, which is targeted primarily towards the young generation. The first step of the awareness raising campaign took place in December 2009, with a series of meetings in schools. Then, on 19th May 2010 Krakow has launched the outdoor stage of the campaign. The famous graphic artist, Mr. Andrzej Mleczko was requested to design the graphics of the campaign. Read article >>

Extended personal mobility for everyone: walking campaign in Odense

Tour Participants[May 2010] In spring 2010 a large walking campaign was launched in Odense in order to encourage senior citizens to walk more in their daily lives. From April 12th – 18th senior citizens was presented with more than 100 different activities related to walking. Guided tours, exhibitions, training activities, games and sports were designed to show how enjoyable walking can be in many aspects. Read article >>

New Assistance Service for Older Passengers in Krakow

Assistance ready to help

[May 2010] In order to increase the attractiveness of public transport for older people and to enable them to travel independently, Krakow has started another AENEAS measure this month. Nine young people, called “assistants” have started their new job at two integrated public transport stops (bus+tram) in the city centre. Stops are located near one of the biggest marketplaces in Krakow, where older passengers are travelling a lot. Read article >>

Dynamic increase of - especially older - public transport users in Donostia-San Sebastián

AENEAS advertisement on local bus

[April 2010] In 2009 the local public transport provider has registered almost 2% growth in the number of passengers - for the fifth consecutive years. Within this overall figure, the number of older passengers has increased by 10%. Overall, this increase has yielded 2 million euro extra income for the service provider and 8.5 million euro savings for the city. Read article >>

Mobility days and guided tours in Salzburg

Training for older people

[March 2010] Since the project has started in August 2008 many events concerning mobility management for older people took place in Salzburg. Last autumn the annual Mobility Day found the general approval of the Salzburg senior citizens. The guided city tours were especially popular because here the needs of older people were placed in the focus. Read article >>

Activities in Krakow

Hands-on training for older people

[March 2010] During the course of 2009 various events were organized in Krakow with a focus on older people. In one of the programmes older citizens of Krakow could benefit from payment free medical examination, make themselves familiar with the functioning of the bicycle renting system BIKEONE- Kraków, participate in a bicycle rally, subscribe to the mobility workshops organized for older people or listen to advise of the National Board for the Safety of the Road Traffic. Krakow activities and photos >>

Presentations now available
Third AENEAS training workshop: Multimodal Mobility Marketing in an Ageing Society

[March 2010] More than forty participants attended the third AENEAS training workshop in Munich, Germany in Munich. The workshop included plenary presentations from leading experts of the field (day 1), with interactive sessions and study visits to follow (day 2). The workshop report and all workshop presentations are available for downloading, along with a photo gallery. Download workshop materials >>

Practice makes perfect: AENEAS launches case study database

Good Practice Exchange Ring

[January 2010] AENEAS is excited to announce the 2010 launch of its ‘Good Practice Exchange Ring’ database. The searchable database gathers together news and information regarding urban mobility for older people throughout the entire European Union. more >>

New AENEAS newsletter: focus on training programmes

Keep Moving![January 2010] The AENEAS newsletter 'Keep Moving' is the number one information source of news, trends and events in the field of older people's mobility. The January 2010 issue has a thematic focus on training programmes. Besides, it includes information about regional and European policy developments, local activities and AENEAS news. It also contains a comprehensive collection of related events and tips for mobility. If you have any news or events to share with your colleagues in Europe - !
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AENEAS workshop on: Walking and Traffic Safety in an Ageing Society, 28-29 October, 2009

Odense - a livable city[December 2009] Do you want to improve walking conditions and traffic safety for older citizens in your city or wish to learn about experiences from other cities? Then visit our page where you can access all the training materials from our second AENEAS training workshop in Donostia-San Sebastián, Spain ! The workshop report contains the main conclusions from the workshop, summaries of the presentations and discussions, as well as background reading material on the topic. You can also download each of the 10 presentations from the plenary session. Download workshop materials >>

A New, Livable City – Also for the Elderly

Odense - a livable city [October 2009] Odense (Denmark) has just launched a new Traffic and Mobility Plan which gives a unique opportunity to create a new, livable city. The plan focuses on giving better opportunities to citizens to walk, cycle and use public transport as an alternative to the car. The city wants to reduce car traffic primarily by prevent cars without an errand to go through the city. More of the small parking places will be transformed into places, which will give citizens a chance to take a break, rest, or look at different kinds of activity such as music, theatre etc.  Read article >>

First AENEAS Training in Krakow for Older People

First AENEAS workshop in Krakow [September 2009] On 29th of September began the series of trainings that were planned and organised specifically for Krakow’s seniours. The training was implemented within the AENEAS project and focused entirely on public transport. During two hours of the training older people were taught how to use the on-board ticket machines that are installed in most of Krakow’s trams and buses and how to make use of the so called KKMs, i.e. the ticket vending machines, which are located in the vicinity of the public transport stops. Read article >>

Older People's Mobility at the European Mobility Week in Kraków

AENEAS day at the European Mobility Week in Kraków [September 2009] As part of the European Mobilty Week activities in Kraków, Poland, one whole day was devoted to mobility issues of older people. The "AENEAS day" featured free medical examinations, a bicycle tour for older people, a Mobility Forum and a mobility information desk.
Read article >>

AENEAS Project Partner Wins Mobility Award

Mobility Award ceremony [September 2009] The AENEAS project partner ZGB and the local public transport provider, StadtBus have been selected as winners of the Mobility Award in Salzburg (Austria). The prize was handed over in the presence of high-level political representatives and the Austrian Traffic Club. Read news release (in German) >>

Fourth Salzburg Mobility Day

Visitors at the Salzburg mobility day [September 2009] On 30 September 2009 from 10 to 15 o’clock the local public transport provider, StadtBus Salzburg opened the doors of its bus garage, and together with the local NGO “Centre for Generations and Accessibility” welcomed all interested individuals to the fourth Salzburg Mobility Day.
Article >>   Photo gallery >>

Bike Tour Gunda Krauss
Climate-friendly Mobility—Age is no Limit!

900 km from Munich to Rügen on a Tricycle at 70

Gunda Krauss on tricycle[August 2009] Gunda Krauss is putting Germany's environmentally friendly infrastructure to the test: The 70-year-old plans to bike from Munich all the way to the isle of Rügen this summer on her Pedelec-tricycle – despite irreparable hip problems! Gunda has set aside about 50 days for the trip of nearly 1000 kilometers. Her dachshund, Sauser, will keep her company in the bike's basket. The Munich environmental organization Green City e.V. is in charge of organizing and supporting Gunda's tour. Read article >>

Training materials now available!
First AENEAS Training Workshop: Understanding Mobility of Older People

Krakow workshop[July 2009] Do you want to offer sustainable mobility options to older citizens in your city or wish to learn about experiences from other cities? Then visit our page where you can access all the training materials from the first AENEAS workshop in Krakow, Poland! We are pleased to tell you that four more training workshops will follow – so if you are interested to attend just fill out the AENEAS network registration form.

Safety training for older public transport passengers in Salzburg

Passenger training[June 2009] The local public transport operator in Salzburg, StadtBus, organised a training course for its older passengers in cooperation with the Centre for Generations and Accessibility (ZGB) on June 23-24, 2009. The training course helped small groups of senior passengers to learn how to use public transport in a safe way. They were able to voice their concerns and were given helpful answers and tips. Many older passengers find it very difficult to get on and off the buses, even the low-floor vehicles, and many accidents occur inside the buses. more >>

Describing the accessibility of transport in Europe: The first MEDIATE newsletter

Older People Travelling[June 2009] The newly launched MEDIATE project aims to establish a common European methodology for measuring accessibility to urban public transport. The project will contribute to the provision of inclusive transport systems with better and easier access for all citizens. The project's first newsletter is now available and focuses on older people's mobility. Read the first newsletter (PDF).


Competition for a slogan, pictogram and graphics in Krakow (Poland)

Graphisc design competition in Krakow[June 2009] A competition for Krakow's new mobility campaign has just been launched! The organiser - the municipality of Krakow - is inviting proposals from the citizens of Krakow for a symbol to indicate places reserved for older passengers in buses and trams.
Further information (in Polish).

The June 2009 issue of the AENEAS newsletter is now available

Keep Moving![June 2009] The AENEAS newsletter is the number one information source of news, trends and events in the field of older people's mobility. The June issue includes information about regional and European policy developments, local activities and training workshops, and contains a comprehensive collection of related events. If you have any news or events to share with your colleagues in Europe - !
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Direct marketing campaign to 10,000 older citizens in Munich: Analysis of mobility behaviour and needs completed

I want to stay mobile. But how?[May 2009] The city of Munich is planning a direct marketing campaign in order to influence the mobility behaviour of older people towards more sustainable modes. In the first phase of the project, the mobility behaviour, and especially the needs, of older people was analysed. Focus-group interviews took place with 13 older citizens from Munich.
The results are available now.

Let’s go cycling!

Seniors cycling[May 2009] On a pleasant sunny day, May 15, senior cycling enthusiasts are taking a break from cycling. They are drinking coffee, talking and enjoying the day and each other's company.
– My husband and I have always cycled a lot, but when I'm alone I don’t cycle much, one of the cyclists explains.
– I don’t like cycling alone in case something happens. I feel much safer cycling with this small group.
She is just one of the cyclists on this AENEAS trip. Another cyclist explains that she is happy that her good friend almost forced her to cycle along. more >>

Free Travel for Older People in Hungary

Tram passengers in Budapest[March 2009] Considering the relatively favourable modal split of public transport and the modest purchasing power of state-pensions, public transport still plays a key role for older people in new EU member states. The mobility of older people is encouraged by a range of price benefits in these countries - the most far-reaching example being a full price waiver in Hungary for all citizens above the age of 65. more >>

The First AENEAS Newsletter is Now Available!

Keep Moving![January 2009] The AENEAS project has published the first issue of its newsletter called "Keep Moving". It includes news, events and mobility tips about older people's mobility as well as information relating to the project. If you have any news or events to share with your colleagues in Europe - ! You can sign up to receive the biannual newsletter in e-mail, or you can browse it on-line.

Survey among Older Public Transport Passengers in Salzburg

Interacting with Passengers[November 2008] The local public transport operator of Salzburg, StadtBus, made a survey among its older passengers . The results clearly show the necessity to take into consideration the specific requirements of seniour passengers. It has been repeatedly demonstrated that boarding and exiting the vehicles represents the biggest difficulty. The survey results also demonstrate that older passengers tend to be more satisfied with public transport services than the average of all passengers. more >>

AENEAS Kick-off Conference: Get on, Get off, Get around!

Kick-off conference[September 2008] The AENEAS project has started its activities with the organisation of a conference about the opportunities for changing and managing mobility in an ageing society. All conference materials are now available! more >>

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