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New seats for older passengers in Krakow’s buses

The new seats
The new seats

In the second half of June 2010 another AENEAS measure was launched in Krakow. About 50 seats were marked with a special pictogram symbolizing the older person in the buses of the local public transport provider, Mobilis. In one bus 1-4 seats were converted. Mobilis is one of the two public transport operators in Krakow. The company was really willing to cooperate with the Municipality of Krakow in the field of AENEAS activities. As everyone may imagine, these  special seats are designed for older people. The activity is not only to make seniors’ traveling more comfortable and safe, but also, or maybe even mainly, to draw attention of other passengers, especially the younger ones, to give up their place to seniors every time they may “forget” about it…

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