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Fourth AENEAS Training Workshop: Cycling and Health in an Ageing Society

Odense, Denmark, 9 - 10 June 2010

Study tour
The indoor training was followed by an outdoor study visit

Active travel, and particularly cycling, can contribute to better health and increase of life expectancy. These facts are well known and have been promoted by different scientific studies and European funded mobility projects, such as Lifecycle, Active Access or Vianova. But what about older people? Is it not too dangerous for them to cycle, and do the positive impacts of cycling apply also at this stage of life?

These questions were investigated in detail by leading international experts at the 2-day AENEAS training workshop. The first day included presentations and small group discussions. The second day was concluded by a study visit in Odense - one of Europe's leading cities to promote cycling.

All the training materials from the Odense workshop are now available for you to download:


There was an audince of 35 people, seated to encourage interactive discussions

Presentations covered a range of social, economic and institutional issues, presented in a scientific, but easy-to-understand manner

Small group discussions

Small group excercise

The event was moderated by local and international experts

Study visit to a rehabilitation centre

Study tour in a beautiful environment and with very friendly and informative guidance
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