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Salzburg - AENEAS Measure #1
Mobility management for older people

The mobility day took place in the bus garage of the local public transport provider, StadtBus.
Practical presentations were delivered to small groups, in a relaxed manner.
Participation was not only useful, but really memorable!


Keep moving helps older people to participate in life and advance their quality of life. Additional to their feet they use all types of transport e.g. cars, bicycles, public transport, taxis and special transport services. In Salzburg as well as in other European cities older people’s mobility is mainly based on individual car usage. In many cases people don’t know about alternatives to their private car. In the first step we want to inform people about eco-friendly modes of transport. In the second step we want to encourage especially older people to use more public transport and other energy-efficient modes.

But it is also necessary to minimize barriers that restrain older people from using public transport. So we see a basic necessity in meeting the needs of older people that allow behavioural changes in their mobility habits. The main aim is to increase mobility of older people especially by using public transport and to keep them active as long as possible.

Marketing and PR campaign & Mobility Day

Started in the year 2006 the Mobility Day became a popular annual event for older citizens in Salzburg. The local Public Transport operator „StadtBus“ in coopeartion with ZGB Centre for Generations & Accessibility invites organisations, clubs and private initiatives that deal with mobility for seniors to present their products and special services. In a large hall in the garage of the StadtBus the organisations present themselves like a small fair and senior citizens come and benefit from the information provided.

An exhibition of buses and cars contributed to raise even more awareness among citizens, particularly older men. Additionally there were lectures held by experts on topics like, mobility in higher age and the safe use of Public Transport. The Mobility Day is announced with folders and posters in the busses, with articles in newspapers and in the local radio as well as by the participation organisations.

In addition to the Mobility Day there are regularly marketing and PR campaigns including survey, brochures and leaflets, press releases and media presence, direct mail & information packages as well as personal information via telephone. The public transport company StadtBus wants to emphasise its role as the most important public transport provider for senior citizens and to show them that they care.

Lessons learnt

The good number of participants during the last years shows that there is a certain demand on information about products and services that assist older people in their daily mobility. It is also visible that there are much more women than men who ask for information or help. For many older people who had to give up cycling or driving their own car a good accessible public transport system is a basic requirement for a self determined live.

The evaluation showed that more than 95 % of the visitors see the Mobility Day as a very helpful platform where they can benefit from a wide range of services and information at one time at one place.

To attract as much people as possible a good press release is necessary. Side activities like lotteries, music as well as vouchers for free beverages or snacks will help to increase the number of visitors.

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