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Salzburg - AENEAS Measure #3
Explore your City!

The organising team with the fresh new brochures
Passengers appreciated the attention to them and creativity of this initiative.
Now there is one more reason to take the bus!


For many car users in small or mid size cities public transport is not considered as an alternative mode of mobility. 50 % of all car rides are less than 5 km. Some bring forward the argument that it is too slow, inflexible and in certain cases also expensive. Eco-friendliness and energy-efficiency is rarely seen as an individual advantage.

So the challenge is to make individual advantages visible to convinced car users. Beside existing incentives like combo-tickets for sport events, theatre, cultural festivals and transportation there is little appeal to use public transport instead of the private car.

The aim is not only to motivate senior citizens to use public transport also for leisure-related activities but to promote the use of public transport among older tourists.

Explore your City

Right from the beginning of the planning phase we tried to involve senior citizens in this measure. So we invited older people to share their knowledge and memories about Salzburg with the project team. Together with tourist guides points of interest e.g. historical buildings, parks, museums along the trolley lines in Salzburg have been identified. Based on the collected information seven folders, each for every trolley line, have been designed.

To encourage people to combine their sightseeing bus-tour with some walking, every folder includes at least two recommendations for small walks. They include a map and further information about length, public toilets, benches and accessibility.

Starting in April 2010 the guidebooks are published monthly and are presented on an extra bus tour that is accompanied by a professional tour guide. All folders are available at the StadtBus service centres and distributed to senior organisations.

Lessons learnt

At all organised extra tours the reception of participants was extremely high. Especially the charming explanation during the tour is liked very much. The evaluation shows that more than 98% of the participating people will use the trolley bus for leisure-related activities in the near future. And they promise to explore Salzburg with the help of the other booklets.

Public transport use is promoted as an alternative to the individual car use. Many people that would usually still drive their car themselves or would ask relatives to give them a ride, discover the opportunity to stay mobile with public transport. It is very pleasant that this project is able to attract also people that didn’t use public transport for several years.

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