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Mobility Management for Older Passengers in Salzburg

Salzburg Mobility Day
Mobility Day in Salzburg

[April 2010] Like every year the "Mobility Day" held on September 30th 2009 was a highlight for older people to get information about all forms of mobility. More than 500 guests came to the event in the bus depot of the local trolleybus operator StadtBus. They enjoyed visiting the 25 information stands, seeing the different vehicles, listening to the interesting lectures and attending a guided tour. It was a great success!

The 5th Mobility Day will be held on September 22nd 2010.

In January 2010 an information campaign was run in the trolleybuses in Salzburg. Two sets of posters showing older passengers were displayed in the buses and at the bus stops. One target was to encourage older people to use the bus rather than their car especially when going to the city centre. One poster emphasized the comfort and the stress-free bus ride, one the social aspect of a group of active woman meeting in a café. A folder with tips for safe mobility was provided in the buses together with the new dates of the training courses:

In February 2010 the oldest passenger in Salzburg, Mrs. Henriette Glas, turned 105 years and a team from StadtBus and ZGB visited her. She still uses public transport regularly and knows some of the names of the nice drivers on her busline. An article with a foto was published to show that also very old people can use the trolleybuses.

A visit to Mrs. Henriette Glas, the oldest public transport user in Salzburg.
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