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You are Mobile - You are There!
Safety Training for Older People in Salzburg

Participants of the training courses on safety

[April 2010] Mobility is not only the precondition for an active participation in life, it is above all the precondition for an independent way of life. Mobility is – especially for the constantly growing group of older people – closely connected with the offer and the use of public transport. But uncertainties and fears concerning public transport lead to avoidance, retreat and in the worst case to isolation and the need for help. Loss of mobility therefore means a drastic reduction of quality of life.

Safe mobility can be relearned – even or especially in higher age. This is where the Salzburg training project “Mobil sein, dabei sein – sicher mit dem Bus fahren!” for older people comes into picture. The aim of this project which is carried out since 2004 is, to gain back routine in stressful situations by empowering personal resources, expanding skills and abilities, reduction of fears and to train save behaviour, to restore mobility and the ability for self help or to avoid restrictions in this domain. The training has been especially adjusted to the requirements of older people. So it consists of 2 units of 2 hours and is extended on 2 succeeding days. Along with the training there is a safety-brochure which contains all the topics of the training and defines safe behaviour in public transport. So the participants don’t have to remember everything during the training. They can unhurriedly refer to the main content of the Training at home.

The success of this training lies in the equal cooperation between the NGO Zentrum für Generationen & Barrierefreiheit (ZGB ) and the StadtBus Salzburg. In that way it is made sure that competences in requirements of older people and mobility as well as know how in public transport is included in the training.

During the Aeneas project time quarterly training sessions took place in Salzburg. Personal feedback from trainees shows that the training is very essential for keeping individual mobility up to old age.

Organiser and contact:

ZGB Zentrum für Generationen & Barrierefreiheit
Susanne Schinagl
0043 – 662 - 840281

StadtBus Salzburg
Angelika Gasteiner
0043 – 662 – 4480/6110

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