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Traffic teaching made entertaining

Traffic teaching
The training was very practical

[September 2010] In the late summer of 2010 the City of Odense arranged for its elderly citizens guided safety tours, the topic of the tour being walking safety in general and for senior members of the community in specific. On five guided tours in Odense a retired police officer re-educated our senior citizens about the rules of safety as a pedestrian.

Statistics leaves no doubt. It is more dangerous to be a senior pedestrian, than other adult age groups. That is probably because the elderly are not sufficiently aware of the consequences for travel by foot that comes with the physical limitations that old age inevitably ensures. Not only do their sight and hearing get impaired, but also the ability to react quickly deteriorates, and it even gets more difficult to turn the head to look out for traffic. However, elderly pedestrians can do a lot to increase their own safety simply by incorporating good traffic habits and being mindful and aware of their physical limitations, and compensating for this by being extra careful and attentive in traffic.

Therefore the Municipality of Odense arranged five guided safety tours for senior pedestrians. But the tours are not boring educational tours. They are rather entertaining tours concerning not only rules and regulations but also city and traffic history. Retired police officer Frantz Brandt acted at tour guide for the day in all five walks, which were very popular with the many attendees. Many of the participants used the tour to ask traffic questions to the police officer about specific situations and get updated with the best strategies to handle themselves in traffic.

Afterwards the participants received a gift bag with a slap wrap reflex and a brochure with advice for senior walkers contributed by Danish Pedestrian Association. Both will also be distributed to citizens over 75 years, when visited at home by the city’s senior consultants. This was meant both as a help to stay safe and an encouragement to stay active in the coming winter season when its gets dark and sometimes very slippery on the roads.

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