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Bus passenger training for older people in Bad Münstereifel (South of Köln, Germany)

VRS Bus Training

Bus training

One of the passengers, Hanni Fussel becomes scared when she sees the doors closing. She wants to avoid that the closing doors hit her. But Heiko Herr shows her that her fears are ungrounded. The local bus company’s driver demonstrates to her that one can easily prevent to be caught the door, by lightly leaning against the rubber door frame. “Many older people are often somehow afraid, because probably they have not used the bus for a long time. We want them to release this fear”, says the experienced bus driver.

Not only such practical practices were part of the curriculum of the bus training program of 22 May, 2015, but also a lot of useful information was shared about the bus and train services themselves. In cooperation with the Thürne village association, the Rhein-Sieg Public Transport Alliance (VRS) organised a free bus ride from the involved villages to Bad Münstereifel one sunny afternoon, as part of the ‘SmartMove’ project.

During the journey the VRS representatives Katja Naefe and Bernd Knieling could transmit useful and personalised tips and information to the participants about the bus lines, timetables and tickets. The discussion covered also questions about the usage of the local TaxiBus service, for example to Rheinbach. Much information was interesting not only for pensioners, but also for the four kids who were also present. They could learn how they can get to town by bus to continue their education in a higher school.

Certainly the group did not travel all this way to Bad Münstereifel without any destination. Once they arrived, they were given a small sightseeing, showing some interesting bits and pieces and intricacies of the area. Surely everyone could get a new perspective on Münstereifel. The walk was then closed by a small cake and coffee in a local Café. Here everyone received a mobility information package. The organising village association’s coordinator, Karl Michalowski did not only take part in the preparations, but he also drove the full size passenger bus in both directions. Special thanks goes to the very active preparations for Edeltrud Schulz, Antje Plettenberg and Ulla Corzelius for recruiting the participants.

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