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Zentrum für Generationen und Barrierefreiheit (ZGB, Centre for Generations and Accessibility)

ZGBThe Centre for Generations and Accessibility (ZGB) was founded in 1999 as an association in response to the demographic challenges ahead. The association offers innovative geragogic and awareness raising seminars and consultant services. The aim is to contribute to a “society for all ages”. The centre supports older people and aims to enable an independent life for them.

One of the fields of activities is mobility of senior citizens. Mobility counts a lot more than only moving from one place to another. It stands for participating in life, to be independent and to have social contact. But often technical novelties and increasing traffic volumes accompanied by biological effects of ageing frighten older people or create a feeling of discomfort. ZGB offers amongst others mobility trainings for older people which offer the opportunity to talk about fears, to learn safe usage of the bus and provides many other useful tips and motivations for senior bus users. ZGB works closely with Salzburg AG in addressing older people’s needs in public transport.

Please find more detailed information and a description of the whole range of our activities e.g. Congresses, Mobility day, Lectures, Trainings etc. on

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