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Latvian city Daugavpils and Dutch capital Amsterdam offer free public transport to pensioners

Latvian bus passenger[December 2014] The Latvian city of Daugavpils has introduced free public transport for residents over the age of 70. Amsterdam in the Netherlands is also trialling a similar service for those receiving the state pension until the end of December. Such policies are becoming more and more common across Europe, such as in Cluj-Napoca (Romania).
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New project promotes and improves public transport in rural areas

SmartMove project[June 2014] Public transport isn’t the first ride of choice in the countryside, but it could become a more popular one under a new EU project. The SmartMove project encourages a shift from car to public transport through personalised marketing campaigns focussing on the needs of travellers. Among the driving forces, the project will devote special attention to the issue of ageing, as many European rural regions currently face the issue of declining and ageing population.
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Cluj-Napoca grants free public transport for older people (Romania)

[September 2014] In less than a month since the launch in early September 2014, 57,000 pensioners in Cluj-Napoca have been able travel around the city's metropolitan area free of charge. The changes also apply to older people in two neighbouring towns, Apahida and Floreşti. This came after requests from residents saying that it would make it easier to visit friends and relatives.
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New Knowledge and Innovation Community for active ageing announced

KIC Call 2014[March 2014] The European Institute of Innovation and Technology is a new European institution, with the aim to accelerate the uptake of innovations on the market. It implements its activities by creating and supporting so called Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KIC's) - public & private funded partnerships of business, research, and education. Showing the importance of the topic, the latest in the row is "Innovation for healthy living and active ageing".
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2013 Synaptic Award winner: Safety for Elderly People in Zagreb Public Transport, Croatia

SYNAPTIC [June 2013] The Synaptic Awards for Excellence in Seamless Mobility are granted in three categories. In 2013 the winner of the category 'Best public transport solution' was an Eltis case study, titled 'Safety for Elderly People in Zagreb Public Transport, Croatia'.
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Article about older people's mobility in Israeli magazine

SYNAPTIC [March 2013] An article was published in the magazine of the Israel Centre for Accessbility about the issue of older people's mobility. You can download from here the whole article, which is preceeded by an English-language table-of-contents.
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AENEAS training programme among the selected candidates for the SYNAPTIC AWARD

SYNAPTIC [April 2012] Good practices submitted to Eltis as case studies between 1 January 2011 and 31 January 2012 that fit into the three award categories are eligible for the 2011 SYNAPTIC Awards. The "Public Transport Training in Munich" case study was proposed for the category "Best public transport solution". Final decision will be made on 25 April by an international jury. More on SYNAPTIC >>

AENEAS activities from Donostia - San Sebastián and Munich are now available as videos on Eltis

Eltis[March 2012] The Eltis website is constantly expanding its collection of short films about innovative sustainable urban mobility solutions. As part of it, the Eltis video team has filmed and published short films about some selected AENEAS activities:
--> Helping and encouraging older people to walk (Donostia - San Sebastián, Spain)
--> Cycle training for elderly people (Munich, Germany)

Although it is not directly about older people's mobility, further films were also made about mobility innovations in Donostia San Sebastián: Cycle policy to boost cyclig | Bicycle goods delivery | Vertical transport systems

Alojz and Vlatka: new video about safety for older people in public transport (Zagreb, Croatia)

Alojz i Vlatka[February 2012] The CIVITAS ELAN project has released a new educational video for older passengers in public transport. The main characters of the video are Alojz and Vlatka - two eldery pensioners from Zagreb who are faced with everyday challenges using public transport. The video shows how Alojz and Vlatka meet these challenges and what they learn about putting safety first as they go. more >>

Award for "Active Ageing – City Map for Senior Citizens" (Munich, Germany)

Older people being consulted[January 2012] The city map for senior citizens developed by the Munich Department for Health and Environment has now been awarded with the 2011 Bavarian Award for Health and Prevention (Bayerischer Gesundheitsförderungs- und Präventionspreis 2011), as it provides guidance for short distance mobility for older people. more >>

Funchal launches new dial and ride bus service for older passengers

[November 2011] The new service covers an area where standard public transport buses cannot reach because of the narrow streets. Most people in the area are retired, and the new service contributes to keeping them physically active. more >>

Wroclaw teaches its senior citizens to use ticket machines (Poland)

[July 2011] The public transportation company of Wroclaw (MPK) has arranged workshops for older users of the city’s trams and buses. The objective is to encourage them to use ticket machines in vehicles and on the streets. The first course took place on the 4th of July and subsequent ones will be organised during the holidays and in autumn. Workshops are taking place on a special MPK bus, made available at a specific location. read article on Eltis >>

The final AENEAS newsletter is now available. Special section about on-line resources.

Keep Moving![June 2011] All good things must come to an end, and May 2011 has brought AENEAS – and the AENEAS newsletter – to a close as well. The good news, of course, is that this pioneering effort has proved a resounding success. Some clear evidence of this success is the fact that the final AENEAS conference in Brussels on April 8 resulted in a packed house.  read newsletter>>

AENEAS Final Conference: conference report now available

AENEAS Final Conference[April 2011] The final AENEAS conference on 8 April in Brussels reviewed the challenges of demographic change, illustrated how the proposed activities fit into advanced urban mobility policies, and demonstrated how other cities can apply the innovative measures developed and piloted by the five AENEAS cities. Participants included high-level policy makers and opinion leaders from all across Europe. More>>

Staying Mobile: A guide to mobility management in ageing societies

Staying mobile[March 2011] The AENEAS project has released its latest (and last) print publication, which provides the reader with the state-of-the-art about energy-efficient mobility in ageing societies. It is an in-depth review of innovative case studies from across Europe to encourage the use of public transport and cycling. It covers mobility campaigns, bus driver training programmes, passenger support services in public transport, individualised travel marketing as well as peer-to-peer approaches in public transport.
Download in English, Spanish and Polish and summaries in 6 languages >>

Walking for health in Donostia - San Sebastián

Walking tour in Donostia - San Sebastian[February 2011] Walking has always been a very popular activity in Donostia - San Sebastián. A recent study made by Donostia Kirola (a city department which runs the local sports centres) shows that walking is the favourite form of sports for 35% of people. Building on this ground the local association Bihotz Bizi (Living Heart) organises walking tours for older people to promote good health and social interaction. More>>

Fifth AENEAS training workshop about communicating with older people - conference materials now available

The plenary session[January 2011] During this two-day workshop, the participants discussed the do´s and dont's of communicating with older passengers. On the one hand participants looked at what public transport companies can do to improve their service for older citizens. On the other hand, experience was exchanged on methods to change the mobility behavior of older citizens and to make them adapt to an existing offer of sustainable transport products. All the conference materials are now available! more>>

Donostia - San Sebastián accedes to the Global Network of Age-Friendly Cities and launches project consortium of Spanish cities

The conference in Donostia-San Sebastián[December 2010] Last year the AENEAS city Donostia-San Sebastián (Spain) has hosted an international conference dedicated to the issue of ageing societies. The conference marked two special events: the city was admitted to the Global Network of Age-Friendly Cities and at the same time launched a collaboration with a number of other Spanish cities to work out solutions for mobility problems arising from society growing old. More>>

Noticeable increase of public transport in Donostia- San Sebastián during the All Saints´ Day

[November 2010] Most of the people who celebrate All Saints' Day day in Donostia- San Sebastián usually go to Polloe Cemetery, which  is located in a high part of the city, specifically in Egia neighborhood. Usually there is no place for parking in this area, so this day becomes almost impossible to park even in the surrounding area. In fact, the local police must close this area to traffic. In response to the great need for alternatives, the local public transport provider has doubled its bus frequency - with huge success, especially among older passengers. More>>

Austrian federal prize awarded to AENEAS partners

The Award Winners[September 2010] StadtBus Salzburg and ZGB are very proud of the recent award which has been handed over on the 18th of September 2010 by D.I. Schwab, the president of the “Österreichischer Verein für FußgängerInnen” (Austrian Association for Pedestrians).

This federal prize was awarded to the Salzburg AENEAS Team for the Mobility Day as the most valuable project for senior citizens in the field of multi-intermodal interface. Different criteria as sustainability, improvements of safety, aspects of well-being, environmental aspects have been assessed. The jury notified the outstanding way to meet the needs of the target group regarding the demographic changes.

More information on mobility management activities, including the mobility day >>

Radio talk show about older people’s mobility in Donostia- San Sebastián (Spain)

Radio Talk Show[September 2010] This September a talk show was held about mobility in Cadena SER- Radio San Sebastián. This is a radio station with the largest audience in the city. The talk show was one of the city council’s programmes during the European Mobility Week.
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Traffic teaching made entertaining

Traffic teaching[September 2010] In the late summer of 2010 the City of Odense arranged for its elderly citizens guided safety tours, the topic of the tour being walking safety in general and for senior members of the community in specific. On five guided tours in Odense a retired police officer re-educated our senior citizens about the rules of safety as a pedestrian.
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Study Tour Catalogue: A trip through Europe about mobility management in ageing societies

Study Tour Catalogue[August 2010] The 54-page booklet takes the reader on a trip across Europe to witness innovative "soft" measures that improve the mobility of older people by encouraging sustainable choices. Each stop on the tour represents a real measure or activity undertaken in a city. The cases were pulled from a pool of more than 130 good-practice examples identified by the AENEAS project.
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Transport in Kraków without mysteries: new brochure is now available

Kraków Brochure[July 2010] The brochure “Transport in Kraków without mysteries” (in Polish: Krakowski Transport bez Tajemnic) has been published as one of Kraków’s measures in the AENEAS project. The brochure serves seniors in Kraków by providing comprehensive information on Kraków's transport system in the context of the needs of older generation. More >>

AENEAS training workshop on cycling and health in an ageing society: presentations and workshop report now available

Study Visit[June 2010] Active travel, and particularly cycling, can contribute to better health and increase of life expectancy. These facts are well known and have been promoted by different scientific studies and European funded mobility projects, such as Lifecycle, Active Access or Vianova. But what about older people? Is it not too dangerous for them to cycle, and do the positive impacts of cycling apply also at this stage of life?

The fourth AENEAS workshop looked into these issues. You can now access the workshop report and all the presentations from the event. Download presentations >>

New seats for older passengers in Krakow’s buses

The new seats[June 2010] In the second half of June 2010 another AENEAS measure was launched in Krakow. About 50 seats were marked with a special pictogram symbolizing the older person in the buses of the local public transport provider, Mobilis. In one bus 1-4 seats were converted. Read article >>

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