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Competition for a slogan, pictogram and graphics in Krakow (Poland)

Graphisc design competition in Krakow[June 2009] A competition for Krakow's new mobility campaign has just been launched! The organiser - the municipality of Krakow - is inviting proposals from the citizens of Krakow for a symbol to indicate places reserved for older passengers in buses and trams.
Further information (in Polish).

The June 2009 issue of the AENEAS newsletter is now available

Keep Moving![June 2009] The AENEAS newsletter is the number one information source of news, trends and events in the field of older people's mobility. The June issue includes information about regional and European policy developments, local activities and training workshops, and contains a comprehensive collection of related events. If you have any news or events to share with your colleagues in Europe - !
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Direct marketing campaign to 10,000 older citizens in Munich: Analysis of mobility behaviour and needs completed

I want to stay mobile. But how?[May 2009] The city of Munich is planning a direct marketing campaign in order to influence the mobility behaviour of older people towards more sustainable modes. In the first phase of the project, the mobility behaviour, and especially the needs, of older people was analysed. Focus-group interviews took place with 13 older citizens from Munich.
The results are available now.

Free Travel for Older People in Hungary

Tram passengers in Budapest[March 2009] Considering the relatively favourable modal split of public transport and the modest purchasing power of state-pensions, public transport still plays a key role for older people in new EU member states. The mobility of older people is encouraged by a range of price benefits in these countries - the most far-reaching example being a full price waiver in Hungary for all citizens above the age of 65. more >>

The First AENEAS Newsletter is Now Available!

Keep Moving![January 2009] The AENEAS project has published the first issue of its newsletter called "Keep Moving". It includes news, events and mobility tips about older people's mobility as well as information relating to the project. If you have any news or events to share with your colleagues in Europe - ! You can sign up to receive the biannual newsletter in e-mail, or you can browse it on-line.

Survey among Older Public Transport Passengers in Salzburg

Interacting with Passengers[November 2008, Salzburg] The local public transport operator of Salzburg, StadtBus, made a survey among its older passengers . The results clearly show the necessity to take into consideration the specific requirements of seniour passengers. It has been repeatedly demonstrated that boarding and exiting the vehicles represents the biggest difficulty. The survey results also demonstrate that older passengers tend to be more satisfied with public transport services than the average of all passengers. more >>

AENEAS Kick-off Conference: Get on, Get off, Get around!

[September 2008, Salzburg] The AENEAS project has started its activities with the organisation of a conference about the opportunities for changing and managing mobility in an ageing society. All conference materials are now available! more >>

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