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Mobility Days, Client-Relations and Programmes: New Offers in Salzburg

Training for older people
Training for older people in Salzburg
Picture: Salzburg AG & ZGB

[March 2010] Since the project has started in August 2008 many events concerning mobility management for older people took place in Salzburg. Last autumn the annual Mobility Day found the general approval of the Salzburg senior citizens. The guided city tours found special favor because here the needs of older people are a particular concern.

To make energy efficient forms of mobility a subject of discussion among decision-makers, experts and the media numerous one-on-one interviews were held as well as a stakeholder meeting in connection with a press conference. The general public was reached by an interactive radio program on Salzburg ORF.

Having the idea to use public transport also for private rides, we are currently working on the project “Salzburg er-fahren”. Here we will develop guidebooks for each bus line which will make it possible to explore regional distinctions in Salzburg by public transport in a comfortable way. In the guidebook there will also be descriptions of small walkabouts that will encourage older people to take a walk. We are looking forward to the opening of the first bus line no. 4 which will take place on April 22nd.

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