Mobility Day for Seniors in Salzburg

All kinds of transport modes like walking, cycling, public transport and others are presented by various institutions, NGOs, transport organisations and companies working on the subject of mobility. The Mobility Day takes place every year.

Background & Objectives

Staying mobile is crucial for senior citizens. The Mobility Day provides information about all possible means of mobility. Staying mobile is necessary to lead an independent life and to enhance the quality of life in higher age.

The Mobility Day shows various possibilities for older people and enables the providers to present their activities by exhibition of vehicles and information stands.

The target groups are older citizens (55+) and people with a handicap.


The venue is a large hall which belongs to the local public transport company. Selected participants who are involved in the issue of mobility are invited to a start meeting explaining the idea and the process.

All participants have to bring their own equipment and pay a small contribution to the common costs ranging from 50 to 250 €. Costs for promotion and publicity are about 10.000 € for folders, banners etc.

Folders are distributed in senior organisations, among the participants and in public transport vehicles (approx.15.000 of them). Articles are published in a monthly newspaper and a calendar of events. There is a direct mailing to holders of a monthly pass for public transport (approx. 3.500 seniors).

There is an outdoor presentation of vehicles with approx. 25-28 participants. Additional presentations and lectures are held with the topics of health, public traffic and safety. Guided tours are offered in the depot of the trolleybus company.

The main challenge of this low cost project was the difficult funding.


The number of visitors reached approx. 800. A questionnaire about mobility behaviour and needs was offered. The feedback from participants and visitors was very positive. The annual event is already well known. The benefit for the PT company is to show commitment for the needs of older passengers.

The implementation of the activity is fairly easy but working with older people demands high involvement and devotion. The Mobility Day will be extended by additional features. It can be easily transferred to another company.

Contact Person
Mrs. Angelika GASTEINER
Firm: Salzburg AG für Energie, Verkehr und Telekommunikation Salzburger Lokalbahn Kundenservice - Marketing
Address: Plainstraße 70, 5020 - Salzburg, Austria
Phone: +43-66 24-48 06-11 0

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