Travel training for older people in Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg implemented a pioneer project for senior passengers in public transport. It respects the specific needs of the older customer and enhances safe travelling. Older persons remain to be customers if you enable them to use PT safely and if you incorporate their requirements. The project encourages mobility for older people, as mobility is crucial for the quality of life.

The travel training is a cooperation between the local transport company (StadtBus)  and an NGO called ZGB (Zentrum für Generationen und Barrierefreiheit) Center for Generations and Accessibility.

Background & Objectives

Older people are an increasing important user group in public transport. The ageing of society poses new challenges to public transport operators to ensure that this customer group is provided with a high quality service. Falls and accidents are a serious threat to older people during public transport trips.

In order to encourage older people StadtBus and ZGB  developed an integrated project for senior passengers in public transport. It was started in 2004  after a survey in which older citizens complained about problems that they have in using public transport. The aim was to help senior passengers to travel more safely, to stay mobile up to high age, and still  being able to participate in life. One objective was to implement various measures for passengers and within the PT company. The focus is not on technical solutions but on “soft measures”.


Training for senior passengers to reduce accidents, to raise safety and to promote the use of PT in higher age, also for older car drivers. They can get answers to their concerns and  receive helpful tips. Getting on and off the bus causes severe problems even if it is a low floor vehicle and many accidents occur in the bus

The participants of the training are invited in small groups to the bus depot, where a bus is made available for the training session. Additionally a transport safety handbook was published and a variety of other marketing measures that address the target group of older people was successfully introduced.


Many older people use the bus more frequently and fell safer after the training.

The travel training for older people has been successfully established in Salzburg.

The programm gets very positive feedback of participants at passengers training, questionnaires, surveys (distinguished between gender and age). Fewer accidents. Positive image and more trust in PT company. 47% of the passengers over 60 years know at least one measure of  the project. Corporate social responsibility.

Furthermore it did not only get positive feedback from the users, but also received international attention from others that want to learn from the experiences as a roll model for other public transport companies and providing consulting. The project is partner in the EU-project AENEAS.

In 2009 ZGB and StadtBus were named winners of the Austrian National Mobility Award in Salzburg, Austria. High-level political representatives and the Austrian Traffic Club were on hand when the award was presented.

Contact Person
Mrs. Angelika GASTEINER
Firm: Salzburg AG für Energie, Verkehr und Telekommunikation Salzburger Lokalbahn Kundenservice - Marketing
Address: Plainstraße 70, 5020 - Salzburg, Austria
Phone: +43-66 24-48 06-11 0

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