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Friendly, personal information about all means of public transport as well as route planning for cars, cycles and pedestrians - these are the main competences of the Stuttgart Mobility Information Centre. It is located near the main station in the tourist information building, and is organized by the City of Stuttgart, Environmental Protection Office. This cost free service is for all citicens and tourists in Stuttgart. A major concern of the mobility consulting is to arrange mobility in Stuttgart as environmentally-friendly and efficiently as possible. And it is amazing there are a lot of possibilities to move environmentally.

Around 70.000 clients per year seek for mobility information. One third of the information concerns public transport, one third concerns city tourism and one third ecologically-friendly transport modes. The following tables shows the items of most interest:

  • Individual mobility information with regard to all means of public transport
  • Car-sharing programs
  • Route planning for car drivers, cyclists and pedestrians
  • Training courses for “fuel-saving car driving
  • Information for disabled
  • Information about parking facilities

All information is given personally on-site, by telephone, fax, mail or email – and in German and other European languages (English, French, Dutch).


It can clearly be seen that the number of vehicles registered in Stuttgart increased permanently despite the fact that the increase per year became lower for the period 2002 to 2005 compared to the years before. It is estimated that the number of vehicles will continue to increase in future. The number of vehicles in the state of Baden-Württemberg also increased from less than 5 millions of vehicles in 1995 to more than 7.5 millions of vehicles in 2006.

Motorized vehicles in Stuttgart


Motorized vehicles (total)


Motorized vehicles per 1000

Passenger cars




358 265

301 530

15 062

18 509



363 973

306 658

15 095

19 162



364 821

307 605

14 494

19 641



362 400

306 107

13 839

19 781



365 665

309 440

13 600

20 006



365 614

308 917

13 666

20 227



367 274

311 543

13 606

20 137


Source: Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (until1991), Statistisches Landesamt Baden-Wuerttemberg

Statistisches Landesamt Baden-Wuerttemberg

The measure objectives are:

  • Conception and implementation of measures in the field of public awareness.
  • Conception and implementation of new ecologically-compatible services such as rental of bicycle boxes.
  • Change behaviour through new forms of vehicle use.
  • Better information of road users.
  • Installation of the Mobility Information Centre as a competence centre in all fields of individual route planning for all transport modes.
  • Increase the usage of ecologically-compatible transport services among private users (citizens, tourists), companies and also among public bodies and institutions.
  • Increase the usage of the car-pooling system that is already operated by the Stuttgart Mobility Information Centre.
  • Reduce motorized private vehicle traffic and congestion.
  • Reduce of environmental pollution and energy consumption.


Conception and implementation of measures in the field of public awareness.
Public awareness measures help to change the behaviour of road users towards new forms of vehicle use and ecologically-friendly transport modes such as car-pooling and public transport. A great number of public campaigns have been carried out during the project like the “city lights” – illuminated large posters, regular radio announcements on local station 107.7, advertising on video screens at neuralgic points (highly loaded arterials in Stuttgart) and at underground urban rail stations. A great number of press releases in local newspapers, but also in electronic form (on-line newspaper edition, podcasts) have been published between 2005 and 2009.

New eco-friendly service: Bicycle boxes to rent
This service has been successfully launched in Spring 2007; altogether 30 bicycle boxes are in use (permanently rented).The service has a very high acceptance among the users, but, maintenance efforts are higher than expected due to rising problems in terms of legal aspects, misuse etc.

Fig.: Bicycle boxes to rent at Stuttgart main station (Source LHS)



The mobility information centre is a well established and demanded service for the citizens and tourists of Stuttgart. The cost-free service concerns intermodal, environmental friendly travel information and the improvement of environmental friendly behaviour, such as fuel saving driving and cycling to work.
More than 50% of the clients are older than 60 years old, which appreciate the personal and individual service very much.
The mobility information centre as a central spot to bundle  all means of public transport is easily replicable without any high technical effort as interested international delegations show.


Mrs. Regina Lüdert
Firm: Municipality of Stuttagrt
Address: Gaisburgstr. 4, 70182 - Stuttgart, Germany
Phone: +49 (0)711 216 88 634


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