Fares and Ticket Discounts for older people in Krakow

In Krakow there is a public transport tariff that includes a free ticket for people over 70 and discounts (about 50%) for retired people. This tariff was established by the City Council in the 1980’s and is still running.

The key partners within this activity are the local public transport company (MPK), the Municipality of Krakow and the City Council.

Background & Objectives

The activity stresses the necessity of treating older people in a special way within the context of public transport in Krakow. The financial situation of older people in Poland is generally bad and therefore free PT is a very good solution for their budgets.

People who are retired have discounts because of their status, but quite low salaries at this stage of life. Thus a special ticket tariff was established by the City Council.

The objective of this activity is to make PT in Krakow friendlier for older people, to make them stay with PT and stop them from choosing individual cars. Besides, the generally bad financial situation of older and retired people is a crucial point.

The target group of this activity consists of all retired people and people older than 70.


The activity was implemented in the 1980’s by the City Council which is the body to establish all PT tariffs in the City of Krakow. Its constant political support was therefore crucial for the activity.

The activity is funded with the budget of the Municipality of Krakow. The activity is disseminated particularly by the regulations of MPK.

Among the stakeholders involved in the activity are the local public transport company (MPK), the Municipality of Krakow and the City Council. There are no major obstacles for this activity.


Due to this activity, a positive image of public transport among older people has been created. Krakow also wants to encourage them to use public transport instead of their own car by such actions.

A free service for retired and 70+ people enables them to have zero costs of travelling, even if at their age they do not travel so much. The activity is very easily transferable to other European countries.

Contact Person
Firm: Municipality of Kraków
Address: os. Zgody 2, 31-949 - Kraków, Poland
Phone: +48-12 61-68 748

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