Join the AENEAS Network!

The AENEAS Network is a community of professionals interested in the theme “The Mobility of Older People”. The training workshop in Krakow on June 17 and 18 will be our first face-to-face contact, but this is only the start of our exchange process. The focus of the exchange is on finding energy-efficient urban mobility solutions for older people. Find out how to participate in our exchange activities on the AENEAS website.

Becoming a participant in the AENEAS Network is free. The advantages of being part of this informal AENEAS network are:

  • Active exchange on one concrete theme: The mobility of older people
  • Participation in five training workshops and other exchange activities
  • Access to the AENEAS contact database
  • The possibility to apply for partial reimbursement of travel costs for attending trainings

When you register for the network you will be asked to provide some initial information about your specific experience and interests in the field of mobility among older people. This information will help us to further shape the format and content of exchange activities.