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A good, reliable urban public transportation and mobility system is a great thing for a city to have, but sometimes those who might benefit most from it are unable to take full advantage of its benefits. Sometimes the problem is with the system itself; it might be too expensive, too inaccessible or too complicated. Or, as is often the case, older people lack the necessary information and skills that would make them feel more confident about riding public transport, walking or cycling. So they either stay at home or rely on an automobile. more >>


Practice makes perfect: AENEAS launches website database

Training participants looking at the AENEAS websiteAENEAS is excited to announce the 2010 launch of its ‘Good Practice Exchange Ring’ database. The searchable database gathers together news and information regarding urban mobility for older people throughout the entire European Union.  more >>



Bus training for older passengers - watch our video!

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new short video, which aims to attract older people to join the AENEAS training programme in Salzburg. watch video in full size >>



AENEAS project partner wins mobility award

The award ceremonyAENEAS project partner ZGB and local public transport provider StadtBus were named winners of the Austrian National Mobility Award in Salzburg, Austria. High-level political representatives and the Austrian Traffic Club were on hand when the award was presented. more (in German, PDF) >>


Gothenburg seniors travel – mostly – for free

Passengers in Gothenburg busSince early 2008 all Gothenburg citizens aged 65 years and older have travelled free of charge on all municipal public transport vehicles, except during peak periods. The designated peak periods are Monday-Friday 06:00 – 08:30 and 15:00 – 18:00.
All eligible persons in the city have received an application for a free travel pass, which must be filled in and sent to Vasttrafik. An unexpectedly large number of persons have applied. Since the incentive was introduced, more than 65,000 senior citizens have obtained the free pass –and the number is increasing.  more>>

Opening doors: Odense offers accessibility workshop to seniors

Workshop participantsOdense drafted an accessibility plan for the inner city in 2008. In order to improve the quality and public acceptance of this plan, two meetings were organised with interested citizens over the course of 2009.

At the first meeting, 45 older people were allowed an opportunity to point out places in the city where accessibility was poor. Participants worked in groups, discussing accessibility and marking up maps to reach a clearer understanding of the situation. They also talked about other transport-related problems.  more>>


Krakow offers public transport-related training to seniors

Hands-on trainingKrakow Municipality has engaged a local NGO, Senior na Czasie (Senior Update), to assist AENEAS in its efforts to offer training to senior citizens. The partnership conducted training sessions for 250 older people, held on the premises of public transport operator MPK, from September to November 2009. Prior to the training courses, Senior na Czasie organised two ‘focus group meetings’ for older people in order to discuss common transport problems and receive input about the upcoming AENEAS training.  more>>

Munich offers multi-modal training for senior citizens

Hands-on trainingWithin the AENEAS project, Munich-based environmental organisation Green City, together with different stakeholders (e.g. the police or public transport provider), offers different training programmes for seniors to make them feel safer and more encouraged to use alternatives to car transport. more>>

Salzburg introduces bus training for seniors

Training in SalzburgMobility is not only a precondition for active participation in life, but above all a precondition for an independent way of life. The uncertainties and fears that many older people have about riding public transport can lead to increased isolation and drastically reduced social participation. But mobility is something that need not be lost forever, and this is where the Salzburg training project for seniors, ‘Mobil sein, dabei sein – sicher mit dem Bus fahren!', comes into the picture. more>>

Life and limbs: Donostia-San Sebastián hosts walking sessions for older people

Training participants in Donostia-San SebastianOne of the keys to a long and healthy is to maintain physical fitness. In this respect, walking is extremely important for older people. Walking is both a form of mobility and a pleasant way to spend free time. There are, however, a few obstacles preventing older people from making the most of this freest and simplest mode of transport, such as challenging terrain, traffic congestion or inadequate paths. Recognising this fact, the Spanish municipality of Donostia-San Sebastián is organising training programmes to overcome these practical difficulties. more>>


   Has the current financial crisis affected your mobility?

It does seem to be having an impact on US residents. For the first time since 1972, more bicycles were sold (13 mln) in the past year in the United States than private cars (11 mln). Providing you are within biking distance to work, pedaling might really be your cheapest option.

To find out whether or not this is true for you, ask yourself the following:
   ● Can you bicycle safely to your place of employment?
   ● Are there secure bike parking facilities near your workplace?
   ● Can you shower at the workplace? If not, maybe it’s time to speak up about that!



Intermodes 2010: towards a mobile Europe
Date: 3-4 February, 2010
Location: Brussels (Belgium)
More information

Marketing for multimodal mobility in an ageing society
(Third AENEAS training workshop)
Date: 3-4 March, 2010
Location: Munich (Germany)
More information

European Conference on Mobility Management "Moving people, bridging spaces" (ECOMM 2010)
Date: 5-7 May, 2010
Location: Graz (Austria)
More information

TRANSED 2010: 12th International Conference on Mobility and Transport for
Elderly and Disabled Persons
Date: 2-4 June, 2010
Location: Hong Kong (China)
More information

Cycling and health
(Fourth AENEAS training workshop)
Date: 9-10 June, 2010
Location: Odense (Denmark)

Older passengers: It´s all about communication. How to address them? How to keep them?
(Fifth AENEAS training workshop)
Date: 24-26 November, 2010
Location: Salzburg (Austria)


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