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Multi-modality: existing realities and future possibilities

Multimodal streetDifferent urban layouts and demographic conditions call for a wide range of mobility solutions. An ideal system links together various modes of transport in ways that minimise waiting periods and maximise ease of access. These latter considerations are especially important where older people are concerned. An otherwise good public transport or pedestrian system will be of little use to the most immobile or physically disadvantaged sectors of the population if it remains inaccessible or inconvenient; or, equally important, if the system itself is adequate but poorly marketed.  more >>


AENEAS at the ECOMM conference

Real life experienceThe project team organised a workshop on older people’s mobility at this year's ECOMM conference in Graz, Austria. After a short introduction to the AENEAS project by Matthias Fiedler (Rupprecht Consult), participants were posed with some real challenges. “Dressed up” with special glasses, earplugs, gloves and ankle-weights to produce typical age-related constraints, workshop participants had to complete an obstacle course, stamp their ticket and negotiate a bus timetable. This “life experience”, arranged and introduced by ZGB’s Susanne Schinagl, helped to raise awareness of challenges that older people face when riding public transport. more >>


Flex lines now reach all parts of Gothenburg

Flex lines in GothenburgGothenburg’s extremely popular flex lines were introduced 13 years ago, and the system now operates 22 lines in all parts of the city, even on the southern islands of Styrso and Donso. The flex lines operate with low-floor mini buses, which includes hilly areas that are home to many elderly and/or disabled persons. Stops have been moved closer to homes for the elderly, hospitals, service centres and social buildings. more>>

Breakwater Festival: Cycling for Donostia 2016

Festival ParticipantsOn April 24, hundreds of citizens of all ages took part in the ‘Cycling and Rolling Night March’ in Donostia-San Sebastián (Spain). Cyclists, skaters and rollers occupied the city centre as part of the Breakwater Festival to promote Donostia-San Sebastián as a candidate for European Culture Capital of Culture in 2016. more >>


Electric pedalling in Odense

Electric pedallingIn Denmark's Odense Municipality, electric bicycles are becoming more and more commonplace alongside conventional bicycles. An electric cycling campaign, carried out in the city for the first half of 2010, is behind this newfound popularity.  more >>


‘Explore Your City’ – The journey is the reward

People exploring...Using ‘Explore Your City’ as a motto, two Salzburg partners, StadtBus and ZGB (Zentrum für Generationen und Barrierefreiheit), kicked off their latest AENEAS-related project on April 29, 2010. Fold-up guide booklets were developed for Salzburg’s seven intersecting bus lines. On one hand, the guides encourage older people to remain mobile, and on the other to use the bus both for running errands and exploring the city.  more >>


How can sustainable mobility services attract older people?

Munich WorkshopIn March 2010, AENEAS brought together 56 transport professionals for a training workshop on multi-modal marketing of mobility services for older people. As John Porter, a senior expert in market research explained, successful marketing campaigns depend on an understanding of how people construe and interpret decisions in their life. Practical experience drawn from Munich, Cologne and Belgium’s Flemish region illustrate the need of successful marketing campaigns to address mobility needs of older people and attract them to more sustainable means of transport. more >>

September 22 is Mobility Day

On September 22, 2010 StadtBus Salzburg and the ZGB Centre for Generations and Accessibility will organise the fifth annual Mobility Day. Organisations and companies involved in mobility and transport for older people will have an opportunity at the event to present offers and services.

Mobility Day typically involves approximately 500 people and is organised along the lines of an exhibition where visitors can collect any and all varieties of needed information. The day programme also includes lectures, music sport club presentations for older people. Watch this highlight clip (in German) from last year’s last event. clip >>


   How far has your toothbrush travelled?

As a regular reader of our newsletter, you’ve certainly made a critical examination of your personal mobility patterns. Maybe you’ve decided to park the car and walk instead? Perhaps you’ve just bought a new bike or a monthly bus ticket? Marvelous!

Our tip for today, however, goes one step further. Bear in mind not only the size of your individual global footprint, but also consider the impact of all of the items that you use in daily life.

In the next few weeks, try to be aware of – or find out – the distances that your food, clothing and other goods have to travel to get to you. And then make an effort to purchase those products made nearest to you. As you’re sure to discover, it’s quite a challenge. Are you up to it?


    "Older people are coming!" Older people as special passengers.
Date: 11 June, 2010, 17h
Location: Salzburg, Stieglbräu, Rainerstraße 12
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Mobilität in der Stadt – Neue Dynamiken von Alltagsorganisation
und urbaner Entwicklung

Date: 25-26 June, 2010
Location: Hamburg (Germany)
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Walk 21
Date: 17-19 November, 2010
Location: The Hague (The Netherlands)
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