Salzburg: training toolkits now available

Salzburg ToolboxSalzburg AG and partner organisation ZGB (Centre for Generations and Accessibility), in an effort share their training-course experience focusing on older passengers, have developed a ‘toolkit’ for public transport companies wishing to carry out similar training programmes. Both kits contain a handbook available in German and English, and a DVD with two 25-minute films.

Angelika Gasteiner and Susanne Schinagl explain the background of the training schemes and offer valuable quotes from older passengers, vehicle operators and the CEO of the Salzburg Transport Company. The toolkit also comes with special glasses and earplugs which help trainees to understand visual and aural impairments from which many elderly people suffer.

There is also a PowerPoint presentation containing a full three-hour training programme for vehicle operators, focusing on respecting the needs of older passengers. These two dedicated training approaches are applicable to many other European cities as well.

The toolkits can be ordered free of charge, for as long as supplies last, and are available from: Salzburg AG, Angelika Gasteiner, Plainstrasse 70, A-5020 Salzburg (or) [email protected]

Author: Alexandra Weiß