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Mobility marketing: the right tools at the right time

Mobility Marketing
Behind any successful training programme is a successful marketing campaign to ensure that there are enough participants to make the effort worthwhile, and that the right kinds of participants are on hand to receive the kind of training on offer. Krakow, Poland's 'Mobility Marketing' initiative is a fine example of good marketing backing up a solid training effort. Targeted marketing also comes into play when it comes to merely doing a good turn, such as when the City of Munich mailed a Mobility Guidebook to more than 10,000 households which included residents aged 60-75. more >>


AENEAS final conference: registration is now open!

AENEAS Final Conference
Registration is now open for the final conference of the AENEAS project in Brussels on 8 April, 2011. At this conference, European policy makers will share their views on the challenge of making urban mobility greener while improving the quality of life of older people. The conference will feature a panel discussion with members of the European Parliament and representatives of the European Commission, national and sub-national European governments and leading international players such as AGE Platform. Participation at the event is free but registration is requested.  more >>

Salzburg: training toolkits now available

Salzburg ToolboxSalzburg AG and partner organisation ZGB (Centre for Generations and Accessibility), in an effort share their training-course experience focusing on older passengers, have developed a 'toolkit' for public transport companies wishing to carry out similar training programmes. Both kits contain a handbook available in German and English, and a DVD with two 25-minute films. more >>

AENEAS case studies now available through ELTIS web portal

ELTISJust two years into its implementation, the AENEAS project has harnessed a valuable resource in the field of energy-efficient mobility for older people. AENEAS has by now made dozens of case studies available in six languages. As of November 2010, these case studies are now available through the European Local Transport Information Service (ELTIS). more >>

AENEAS hosts roundtable on older people's mobility at CIVITAS Forum

Conference exhibitionAENEAS' partner cities implemented a wide range of activities over the course of 2010. The cooperative community of project-external experts is growing steadily, resulting in an expanding pool of shareable know-how. To this end, AENEAS organised a number of events over the past year to share experience and good practices within the professional community of urban transport practitioners. more >>


Reconsidering public transport fare policies for elderly passengers

EMTAA recent survey from the European Metropolitan Transport Authorities (EMTA) shows that reduced fares for target groups in public transport are common practice across European cities. Senior passengers are one such group. Demographic studies show that the number of peopled aged 60 or higher will increase significantly in coming decades. Encouraging older people to use more public transport instead of private cars is part of a global strategy of local authorities for sustainable mobility. more>>

American report investigates shifting age demographic

Funding the Public Transport Needs of an Ageing PopulationThe American Public Transit Association (APTA) has published a report titled 'Funding the Public Transportation Needs of an Aging Population'. The report argues that anticipated rapid growth in the number of older people in the United States in coming decades will require greatly increased need for expanded and enhanced public transportation services. more>>

European mobility projects to be featured in forthcoming 'Good Practice Implementation Guide'

Lady with rollator in snowThe AENEAS team learned about several great projects in recent months. Our impression is that there are many interesting projects for older people throughout Europe, and that everybody working in this area possesses great commitment and enthusiasm. The 'AENEAS Good Practice Implementation Guide' will appear soon, and here are some of the projects you can read about. 

Of course, many more interesting projects will be described in more detail in the 'Good Practice Implementation Guide'. This book will be available as printed copies and as downloadable PDF document in April 2011.


Mobility trainings in Krakow provide valuable experience to organisers and participants alike

Training of the ticketing machines
The main idea behind Krakow's 'Mobility Marketing' initiative is to make older people aware of the advantages of energy-efficient travel, and to this end a number of trainings have been organised in the past two years. Participants (i.e. older passengers) learned how to operate on-vehicle ticket machines; became familiar with the automated Krakow Municipal Card system; and, were instructed in public transport safety regulations for passengers (the latter lesson taking place onboard a tram.  more >>

Targeted marketing produces some intriguing results

Individualised travel marketing in Munich
In January 2010, the Mayor of Munich sent a Mobility Guidebook to 10,000 households including residents aged 60 to 75. The Guidebook contains a comprehensive overview of sustainable mobility options in the city of Munich, and presents arguments for smarter use of private automobiles. A sophisticated marketing approach was used in the mailing. The analysis of this marketing campaign yielded some interesting results.  more >>

Mobility marketing goes 'on the air'

Radio debate in Radio San Sebastian
When planning mobility marketing activities for older people, it is important to use communication channels that these people use. Older people generally prefer traditional media, and radio is especially important. Bearing this in mind, a series of radio discussions were organised in 2009 and 2010 in AENEAS partner cities Krakow (Poland), Donostia-San Sebastian (Spain) and Salzburg (Austria). These programmes focused on specific issues of interest to local people and offered an opportunity to explore different viewpoints.  more >>


Mobility tip: Check to see if you can save up to 70 percent per trip

If you're a reader of our newsletter, there's a good chance that you're already a regular user of your local public transport provider. You probably even have a monthly pass. But have you ever checked how much you could save if you buy an annual pass? In many European countries, an annual pass works out to riding for just 30 percent of the fare of a single ticket!


Date: 9-10 February, 2011
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AENEAS final conference

Date: 8 April, 2011
Location: Brussels (Belgium)
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ECOMM 2011
Date: 18-20 May, 2011
Location: Toulouse (France)
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International Transport Forum 2011 - Transport for Society
Date: 25-27 May, 2011
Location: Leipzig (Germany)
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