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Journey's End

All good things must come to an end, and May 2011 has brought AENEAS - and this newsletter - to a close as well. The good news, of course, is that this pioneering effort has proved a resounding success. Some clear evidence of this success is the fact that the final AENEAS conference in Brussels on April 8 resulted in a packed house. more >>


AENEAS concludes with conference on 'Green Mobility for Active Ageing'

The final AENEAS conference took place at the Committee of the Regions in Brussels on April 8, 2011. Representatives from the European Parliament, Directorates General of the European Commission, Committee of the Regions and European networks, as well as NGO members and the AENEAS partners, gathered to reflect on three years of AENEAS activity and its impact on mobility for older people. more >>


Passenger-assistance service debuts in Krakow

Krakow assistance serviceAs part of a new pilot project in Krakow a personal assistance service was launched at selected public transport interchange points to make travel more attractive and convenient for older citizens. With the service established at two interchange points, project staff has assisted older passengers with getting onto and off of buses and trams, helped passengers to use e-ticket machines and the Krakow Municipal Card (for monthly tickets), provided information about route connections, and supplied bus and tram schedules. more>>


Munich trains older passengers with 'Stay mobile with public transport' programme

Training in the Munich undergroundWith AENEAS involvement, MVG (Munich Public Transport Company) and Green City (a local NGO) developed a two-day training session for older people that includes safety and physical exercise on the first day and a training trip aboard public transport on day two. In 2010, 11 courses were held in which 77 people participated.  more>>

Odense seniors still keeping pace one year after walking campaign

Odense walking tourA campaign was carried out in April 2010 to encourage senior citizens to make walking a regular part of their daily routine. Over one week, senior citizens participated in more than 100 walking activities, including guided tours and exhibitions, games and sports. more>>


Salzburg team brings AENEAS to Europe

Throughout the duration of the AENEAS project, Salzburg AG has been tasked with transferring and exchanging information and local knowhow. Thanks to productive cooperation with the ZGB Centre of Generations and Accessibility, a Salzburg-based NGO, it has been possible to implement training schemes for older passengers and all public transport drivers to raise safety and security levels of the city's E-buses. more>>

Security and accessibility for elderly public-transport passengers in Donostia - San Sebastian

Safety campaign on a bus in San Sebastian
The local public transport company, CTSS, in collaboration with the city of Donostia-San Sebastian (Spain), launched the 'Move Safely by Bus in San Sebastian' campaign to guarantee and improve the security of elderly people during bus trips. The campaign is focused on older people and provides information and advice related to travelling safely and comfortably public transport, and an advisory team has been established to facilitate this process. more>>


Official website on European Year for Active Ageing launched

European Year of Active Ageing
The European Commission has launched the official website for the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations. It serves as a central information point to all initiatives and partners active in this topic. The website offers a range of options to involve policy-makers and various stakeholders. visit website>>

On the Bus with Granny: new brochure available

On the Bus with Granny
As 2012 marks the 'European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations', Salzburg AG has launched a brochure titled 'On the Bus with Granny'. The brochure highlights the difficulties that older people face when using public transport, and encourages children to give up their seats for older passengers. The brochure, available both in German and English, can be downloaded from the AENEAS website. download brochure>>

New AENEAS video on Eltis

Krakow video on Eltis
As part of an international video shooting tour the Eltis video team has selected and filmed the public transport assistance service in Krakow, Poland. The three-minute short film serves as a video supplement to a case study on this topic. As part of the cooperation activities between AENEAS and Eltis - the urban mobility portal, the AENEAS case studies are now also directly available in Eltis.  view film>>

Short film about 1000 km bicycle journey of 72 year old Gunda Krauss

Video about the trip of Gunda KraussOne of the highlights of the AENEAS final conference was the visit and presentation of Gunda Krauss, a former sportswoman aged 72, who crossed Germany on a 1000 km trip on her electric bicycle. The objective of her tour was to draw public attention to the fact that one can stay mobile and active even in situations as her: she has irreparable hip problems. Now, a short film is available about this intriguing trip. view film>>


Mobility tip

Missed your bus? Don't just stand there waiting for the next one. Take the opportunity for some exercise and walk to the next bus stop.


    Innovation in transport for sustainable cities and regions
Date: 29-30 November, 2011
Location: Brussels (Belgium)
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Illustration This is the last issue of the biannual newsletter of the European project "AENEAS - Attaining Energy-Efficient Mobility in an Ageing Society". It is an open forum for all transport practitioners interested in the topic of energy-efficient mobility in an ageing society.

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